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Flying things and things in threes

A week or so ago, two pigeons were flying around outside my office window. The following day one flew right at my front door and actually banged into it. I thought it might be stunned so I went outside. There … Continue reading

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Dog Gets Death Row Pardon

Dog Gets Death Row Pardon. That was a title of an article on aol news a few weeks ago. I love dogs. My friend Trish has a new dog named Sinatra. I just met him recently. He likes me…a lot. … Continue reading

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Welcome to Hot Seat where Robin Bielman answers back

Robin Bielman, author of Worth the Risk, has graciously answered your questions from last week’s post. There were so many, I heard rumor that she’d ordered a couple dozen cupcakes just to get through the task. Thanks again for playing … Continue reading

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Hot Seat: Featuring Robin Bielman

Good morning. Welcome to Hot Seat. I hope you’ve polished up your questions for debut author, Robin Bielman, (rubbing hands together with glee.) Robin, who is both a romance and young adult author, has the honor of being seated in … Continue reading

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Boogie Fever

Do you remember the song Boogie Fever, recorded by the Sylvers back in 1975? Nope. Weren’t even born then? Quit bragging. Well, anyway, it’s a great fun song and it was the first thing that popped into my head when someone … Continue reading

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Giving Great Blog

Do you like to talk? FB not giving you enough of a stage? Twitter too twittery? Google+ too new? Are blogs a thing of the past, or are they making a comeback? Come on by I’ll be hanging out there today, … Continue reading

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Grazie, Gracias, Danke, Merci, Thank You

Becoming a finalist in the 2012 RWA® Golden Heart® contest is something I dreamed of achieving, yet never really thought I would. I feel so honored to be recognized by my peers, and I send out my congratulations to all … Continue reading

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