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Words of Thanks

RWA National conference is over, but this conference of 2012 will live on in my memory in very clear detail. I was a Golden Heart finalist, and in truth I had little understanding of what that meant to anyone else. … Continue reading

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Are We there Yet?

Can you imagine my parents shepherding seven children on an outing by car, bus, or train? It must have been horrendous. At least on the train they had food, and toilets. But the car? We didn’t have seat belts or … Continue reading

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There She Was Just A-Walkin’ down the Street…

…singing do wah diddy diddy dum diddy do, snapping her fingers and shuffling her feet…” (I love this song recorded by the group Manfred Mann in the early 60’s.) I heard the song playing on PBS while I worked in … Continue reading

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The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Some years ago, our RWA chapter, LARA, met at a fabulous B&N in Encino, California. One month I had arrived at the meeting early, and with the recent acquisition of a bookstore gift card for having volunteered my services as … Continue reading

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Deal Breakers

As romance writers we are all aware of relationships and what makes and breaks them (at least in the fantasy world.) What about in real life? What would be a deal breaker for you when it came time to commit? … Continue reading

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