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Breathing Life Into Characters…

…I’m not talking about characters we read about and say they come to life on the page. All writers aspire to that. : ) I’m talking about the thought that the mind of an artist/writer could actually bring to life a physical … Continue reading

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Never Put Off Until Tomorrow…

Never put off until tomorrow what can be done today. Remember that saying? At least that’s how I learned the expression, I’m sure there are many variations. I’m also sure the voice in my head is not my mother’s voice. … Continue reading

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Coconuts, Witches, and a Trojan Rabbit…

Last week I told you I’d surprise you with something non-writing related as a blog post. I chose movies. What? You thought I’d discuss sex? Ha ha. Anyway, on Wednesday a long awaited movie arrived in the theater and I … Continue reading

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Mysterious Minds

For my readers who are not writers, bear with me. I’m wearing my writer’s hat today. Boring maybe. Necessary, definitely. And I promise that next week we will talk about something really fun. Cooking, sex, chocolate, wine, movies…I’m not sure. … Continue reading

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