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I Wish You a Figgy Pudding…

Here is my annual musical *ahem* tribute to the holidays, which encompass Hannukah, Yule, or Solstice if you prefer, Festivus, Feliz Navidad, Kwanza, Christmas, or a little bit of all of them. My song does not have an original score … Continue reading

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Remembering Betty and Romance Novels…

A neighbor, Betty, passed away this week. She was elderly, almost ninety, but always engaged in her community. Betty was the oldest member of our Book Club. She was a slow but avid reader, and she’d read the entire book … Continue reading

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Are You Imperfect in Your Own Perfect Way?

…I read the words “imperfect, in my own perfect way” some weeks ago. They were in a daily or monthly horoscope but I can’t recall which one. The words however, stayed in my thoughts through the days and weeks that … Continue reading

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I Didn’t Make it Up

I’m really happy to welcome author Lynne Marshall to my blog today as she discusses some of the finer points of fact and fiction, and seasonal affective disorder. She states: IDidn’tMakeitUp! What could she be talking about? Here is what … Continue reading

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Highland Surrender…

…doesn’t that sound like fun? Surrendering to a hunk in a kilt on the shores of Loch Ness, or frolicking in the heather. And what do you think of this gorgeous cover? Maybe that dress, being so lovely, is not really … Continue reading

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