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What blinders do you have on that prevent you from seeing with honesty your own failings as a writer? Well, maybe not failings, but less than acceptable aspects. ; ) Like the horse drawing the cart and plodding along with … Continue reading

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What I Gleaned from the National Conference

Every conference has its buzz word, and this year it was hybrid author. It’s the latest “big shiny” for authors to seek. I call them untenable goals, because for most of us who do not fall into that top 10% … Continue reading

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Rubbing Elbows

This will be my first year of being able to sign my books at the Readers for Life, Romance Writers of America Literacy Autographing event. Am I little bit excited? A little bit nervous? Sure. I’m signing both Unlock the … Continue reading

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Blue Dolphin Book Tour

Today, Monday July 8th, I’m starting a five day internet book tour with Tasty Tours. We’ll feature book #2 of Desert Heat: The Blue Dolphin.   There will be a giveaway of one signed print copy, or one digital copy, winner’s … Continue reading

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What’s In It For Me?

As authors, we’re frequently asked to donate our time, give back to our readers, our community, our family, our friends, and can often end up with a sense of complete overload. Learning to say no becomes a challenge. But what … Continue reading

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