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Hope and Change

Happy Monday! Today I’m blogging over at It’s a recycled post from some years ago. If you find time, please drop by. I’d love to hear from you.

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Deep Thoughts

I sat on the couch threading ribbon with beads, or inserting rhinestones, punching out a heart on each bookmark and attaching the ribbon through the space.  They were a big hit at a recent multi-author book signing. I’m so used … Continue reading

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I’m pleased to announce that Gone Tropical, my Aussie rainforest adventure, is now in world wide release, which simply means it is available for all e-readers in all formats and is in print available through Amazon and my publisher The … Continue reading

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Contests and Competions

I really look forward to Monday and Tuesday nights, because I can reward my day’s achievements by kicking back in the recliner and watching The Voice. It’s the one show of its ilk that I enjoy from day one, and … Continue reading

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