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Humphrey reviews A Doctor for Keeps

I heard an odd flip, flip, flip sound and looked up from the keyboard. Humphrey, who was dressed in a bathing suit and wearing ugly rubber flip-flops, entered my office. He held a book in one hand and sunglasses in the … Continue reading

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Putting Zip in the Doo Dah

No, I’m not talking about little, blue, diamond-shaped pills, although those can be helpful. But that’s a whole different kind of zip, and an entirely different doo dah. I’m talking about when life is like a flat river, gently flowing … Continue reading

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No Fudging, No Judging

Okay, so I’m guilty. What did I do? About ten days ago I entered into a contract with my daughter. We became fitness buddies. I’d told her my goal was simple: exercise more, eat a healthy diet, lose one pound … Continue reading

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I had overworked and stressed my muscles last week. After one day of moaning and groaning and one night of tossing and turning I decided to forget tidying the house. I sank into my giant bathtub filled with hot water … Continue reading

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That Big Slut, Cheese

About fifteen years ago, my then doctor had told me my bad cholesterol was creeping up toward medication time. I freaked out. “No medications,” I squeaked. “I will control this with diet.” And I did. Last year my new doctor … Continue reading

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