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Loving Connections

Seated in the lounge of the Marriott River Center hotel, on the Riverwalk, in San Antonio, Texas, I ease back into the comfortable leather chair and embrace my surroundings. RWA 2014 is well underway! I like to play a little … Continue reading

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World News.

And the Latest News is… What do you do when the evening news moves from one devastating report to another? Do you turn off the TV? Leave the room? Or do you stay and watch, learn, and grieve? How much … Continue reading

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Eye on Potential; Ear to the Ground

Decision making, there is an art to it. In the ever-changing publishing market (just think about Harlequin’s surprise move a couple of months ago) our decisions must contain some flexibility. From the point of making the decision to implementing it, … Continue reading

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Be Careful With Those Dots

We’ve all heard the saying, “Sign on the dotted line,” and we know what that means. We know the three dots of an ellipsis mean words are missing. We know a dot at the end of a sentence shows the … Continue reading

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