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Power of the Gift

It’s coming up on the season of gift giving and thus the topic of this week’s blog. There are many types of gift giving, and some of the best cost no money. Giving someone the gift of your time is … Continue reading

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Humphrey Reviews Christmas Star

I worked late on Friday night, playing catch up. I was alerted to the shuffle of Humphrey’s little paws, and glanced up to see him bleary-eyed and wearing only his boxer shorts. It was so undignified. I think I gasped. … Continue reading

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Strange Energy

I had a check for several thousand dollars go astray this past week. The people who mailed it assured me it had been sent. I waited. I waited some more. I figured if they were stretching the truth and had … Continue reading

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What Makes a Woman Strong?

So, what does make a woman strong? Vitamins you say? Or good nutrition. Exercising the mind and body daily. Meditating. Belief in something greater than self. Hmmm? I got to thinking about heroines the other day. Most of the heroines … Continue reading

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