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I’m thrilled to announce my first contemporary romance, Corsica Gate, will be flying out the gate on Wednesday, January 28th. In two more days, folks! I’m feeling a bit jittery, and wondering if my romantic suspense readers will give it a … Continue reading

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Get it in Print

At Curves last week, I puffed and panted alongside a seventy-nine year old woman. She’s very active, intelligent, and looks about ten years younger. We’re both avid readers and often discuss books, mine and other authors’ works, films, and TV … Continue reading

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Wind-down Routine

Do you have a nightly wind-down routine? How do you shut down an overly stimulated mind? Do you pour a glass of wine, make a cup of herbal tea, settle on the couch and watch some TV? Do you read … Continue reading

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How Progressive Are You?

This is my usual time of year to share goals and ambitions/intentions for the New Year. My critique partner, Gina Bono, and I exchange these and keep each other on track…sort of. ; ) That’s me and Gina. I’m the … Continue reading

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