Does My Bear Have a Crush?

I walked into the guest room this morning to open the blinds. Humphrey reclined against the pillows reading something on my Kindle and smoking one of his stogies. The room stunk like mean old bear, so I not only opened the blinds but shot the window open. It was only 35 degrees, but I’d brave the chilly morning air to rid my home of that smell.                                         

“What’s up, Humphrey?” I asked, and pulled my dressing gown tight across my chest.

“Shhh. I’m at the good part.”

“Not another one of my romances?”

“Cowboys. Cowboys. Go away.”

Okay, then. I was desperate for a good strong cup of coffee anyway, so I shuffled down the hall in my too big leopard print slippers. After breakfast, I poked me head around the guest room door again. Poor little guy’s lips looked blue. I rushed over and shut the window. “Why didn’t you close this?”

“Shhh. I’m at the good part.”

“Well, that’s what you said half an hour ago.” I pulled up the comforter and tucked it around his shivering body and sat on the edge of the bed, patting at his legs. Even with shaking paws he continued to read. “Why didn’t you get under the covers? You could have died of hypothermia in here.”

He stared hard at me, his tiny coal black eyes narrowed. “It’s a Charlene Sands.”

“Oh, well that answers that then…I suppose.” I knew it had to be Sunset Surrender that he was reading. It’s Charlene’s latest release from Harlequin Desire. I’d just finished reading it myself, and I absolutely loved the story.

Ten minutes later, Humphrey sighed and gently closed the cover on the Kindle.  “You know I like Charlene’s books.” He reached for the now unlit much chewed upon stogie, and glanced over at the window. “Rich, rugged, ranchers.  Didn’t notice the cold.”

I smiled, remembering the wonderful sexy scenes between the hero and heroine, and picked up my Kindle. “I thought you didn’t care for Westerns?”

“Not as a rule, but it’s one of Charlene’s. I gave it five paws. Got any whisky?”

“It’s seven…in the morning.”      

“Oh. Excellent story. Here have a Fig Newton.” He pulled a sleeve of cookies from underneath the pillow. I shook my head. 

“Yes, a very satisfying story. Good tension, an interesting setting, a great hero, and I even liked the heroine. I’m getting used to these romance stories. When does her next one come out?”

Anyone think my bear has a crush?

As Humphrey could tell you, Charlene Sands is a USA TODAY bestselling author of thirty-five romance novels. She writes sexy contemporary romances and stories of the Old West, with bold, passionate, heart-stopping cowboys, and the strong women who love them. Her books have been honored with the National Readers’ Choice Award, The Cataromance Reviewers’ Choice Award, and she’s a double recipient of the Booksellers’ Best Award. You can find Charlene at:  Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. But don’t tell Humphrey I said so. *wink*

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24 Responses to Does My Bear Have a Crush?

  1. londonmabel says:

    Humphrey’s a lovely little dude. With good taste in ipad covers.

  2. robena grant says:

    Ha ha. Thanks, London and thanks for humoring me. : )

  3. Janie Emaus says:

    I’d love to meet this little guy. He sounds adorable!

    • robena grant says:

      You would like him, Janie. But living with a talking bear is quite an adventure. Not one I’d recommend, they tend to sleep a lot, and they’re messy, and very grumpy. But when they talk it’s really nice. ; )

  4. I think Charlene Sands has a crush on Humphrey!! What a guy. I’m glad he likes cowboy stories!! I’ll share Fig Newton’s with him any day!!

    • robena grant says:

      Ha ha. Thanks, Charlene. I just told Humphrey what you said and he pushed me off the computer chair so he could read the blog. I swear he’s blushing.

  5. Tanya Hanson says:

    HI Robena and Charlene, what a clever and darling post! a blushing bear…how fun. Love to you both…

  6. robena grant says:

    Hi, Tanya. Thanks for stopping by and stoking Humphrey’s already inflated ego. : )

  7. Cute post! You know I love animals… 🙂

  8. robena grant says:

    Thanks for dropping by, Linda O. I know you’re a lover of animals, I mean real live animals. Not the stuffed kind.

    Uh oh, Humphrey is glaring at me. I meant overstuffed ego kind, honest. (He likes that…he thinks it sounds manly, I mean, um…bearly.)

  9. I love Charlene Sands books, too! Humphrey has great taste.

  10. robena grant says:

    Thanks, Lynne. He does have good taste in books. Cigars not so much. : )

  11. Gina Bono says:

    Humphrey is way too cute and I think he’s got a big, huge crush on Charlene 😉

    Her rugged rich rancher book sounds like fun! 😀

    • robena grant says:

      You’d love Sunset Surrender, Gina. There is a richness to Charlene’s characters that I absolutely adore. And Desire is my favorite of the Harlequin lines. : )

  12. I’m thinking we should get Humphrey some nicotine patches! That, or more books!

  13. Umm, I have a crush on Charlene, too. Just sayin’. 😉

    Humphrey is a keeper! Thanks for sharing your conversation with us, Roben.

  14. Sam Beck says:

    I can’t believe a stuffed bear reads faster than I do! Thank goodness Humphrey’s mommy doesn’t allow spoilers!! And thanks for a fun post.

    • robena grant says:

      Thanks for coming by, Sam. Yes, this early in the game we’re very careful not to let cats out of the bag. Sunset Surrender is still hot off the presses. : )

  15. Charlene’s book sounds good.
    Has the lucky Humphrey read your book? This blogpost adds to my eagerness to read your book.

  16. robena grant says:

    Thanks, Judy. But nope they won’t be available until May. I’m trying not to talk about them too much for fear of turning people off. Ha ha. However I did get the cover art for book #3 yesterday, and we went into copyedits on it today. Busy, busy. 🙂
    Charlene’s books are a very good read.

  17. Nancy says:

    I think Humphrey should do more book reviews. Maybe he’ll end up with his own blog sponsored by the fig newton folks…

    • robena grant says:

      Ha ha, Nancy. I’ll send them an email. ; )
      It’s funny, because in my mind Humphrey is a rather stuffy elderly British gentlebear. I could hear him saying, “A Fig Newton is not a cookie…it’s a cake.”