Apples and Honey.

It’s fall, and even here in the California desert I can sense the changes.

We still have the odd day or two with triple digit numbers, but for us that means the weather is cooling off. The nights are lovely, the mornings perfect. Today is the eve of Rosh Hashanah, so Happy New Year to all who celebrate. Eat some apples and honey for a good and sweet year. It is also close to my October birthday. Definitely a time for looking back on the past year and shedding those things that did not work, and looking forward to the promise of new beginnings.

Ours is a seasonal, or tourist town, but our peak season is winter when the snowbirds return. I’m already noticing the out of state license plates, and the increase in traffic. The Canadians will arrive in droves next month. For the past two weeks, every afternoon, right on schedule, my friends have appeared. At four, just as I’m rinsing my last coffee mug of the day the little hummingbird alights on the side gate outside my kitchen window. While I do on occasion see him outside the office window, flitting around my garden, it is always around four that he comes to rest. He sits there for about thirty minutes.   

By five o’clock I’ve moved to another room, where I’ve turned on the TV to catch the local news. Outside those sliding doors, I watch my two bunnies as they chase each other around the base of the palm trees. I have to remain perfectly still, or they dart away. It was hard to snap the photo of them as they wouldn’t let me get close. Had to end up taking the picture from behind the closed window.

After the six o’clock news finishes, I’m ready for my evening walk. The sun has slipped behind the mountains, the streets are in shade, and even though it’s still warm, the walk is pleasant. I do a lap or two around the lake, stretching leg muscles that have sat too long in an office chair. And I commune with nature. And stop to chat with human friends. Lots of chatting.

The lake is not large, but it brings both wild and domesticated animals out for their daily exercise. I stop to pet my friend’s dogs, wave to the black and white kitty who overlooks the lake and surveys all while being protected by a huge bay window. The ducks quack at me, or at each other to warn of the human invasion on what they deem their property. The one lone coot swims around, patiently awaiting his cousins who have not yet arrived for the winter. In the distance I often hear the yip of a coyote. When it gets too hot they’ll even venture in for water, or maybe a duck dinner, but I feel safe now. It’s fall. Coyote intruders will stay away until next season.

And as I write this, a butterfly, probably a Monarch, is darting happily amongst the grapefruit and lemon trees. It won’t stay still for a photo but I’m enjoying the long dips it takes, sometimes gliding, sometimes fluttering. Gorgeous. It’s a beautiful day. Hope yours is too.

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8 Responses to Apples and Honey.

  1. Julie says:

    What a beautiful and soothing post! I want to take walk with you in the evening some time…. oh wait, you are in the desert. For as much I have never wanted to go there, I could see the treasures you pointed out, with pictures and with words. Thank you for sharing this. (I need to get me some hummingbird friendly plants, STAT.)

  2. KarenB says:

    L’Shana Tova!! It’s apple picking season in NJ, and the farm stands have local honey as well. And, just possibly, (I’m whispering here in case it hears me and runs away again) real fall weather is supposed to kick in today!!!

    • Robena Grant says:

      Thank you, Karen. I love the Jewish traditions, and although I don’t practice any kind of religion these days, I’m still drawn to the High Holidays.
      Our apple season is a little later than yours, more toward the end of October. I may have to do a trip to Julien, CA. : )

  3. Merry says:

    Sounds beautiful. I’ve got to go down to your neck of the woods in November for a family reunion. I hope the weather is still nice 🙂

  4. Robena Grant says:

    November is usually lovely. I barely wear a jacket. What part are you visiting? If it isn’t over Thanksgiving maybe we could meet up for coffee, or lunch? That is, if you have time to escape family obligations. ; )

  5. Wow I feel at peace just reading about it! Thanks for sharing your lovely day.

  6. Robena Grant says:

    Hey Judy,
    Thanks for popping by. How is work? I know this has been an adjustment for you, so didn’t expect to see you bopping around the blogosphere. : )