If You Could Be a Jelly Bean

…what color/flavor would you be?

Last Sunday, I bought a small pack of Jelly Beans at Trader Joe’s. I can’t tell you how many years it has been since I’ve indulged in the bean. Coffee beans, yes, the candy, not so much. I admit I was most impressed that I could have 37 beans and only use up 150 calories. There were 18 flavors. So two of each, and then the extra one would be the favorite, right? Hey, I can do math. : )

JB 002

It said on the back of the package that the candy comes from a tiny factory nestled in the Irish countryside. I’ve got Irish roots. I’ve always wanted to visit Ireland. And, I came to the US leaving Australia on St. Patrick’s Day only to celebrate it all over again the next day in Hawaii. Huh? This year was my fortieth year living in this great country and I bought the candy on the 17th. How’s that for synchronicity?

I looked at the flavors: grape, coconut, lemon, raspberry, strawberry smoothie, strawberry, tangerine, blackberry, mango, pomegranate, lemon &lime, banana split, apple, liquorice, pink grapefruit, cherry, passion fruit, and blueberry.

Part of me wanted to be passionfruit. I’d like to be more passionate, more exotic. My mother grows passionfruit, and I love the tangy taste, especially when poured over ice cream, or Australia’s favorite dessert, Pavlova.  But my hand kept reaching for liquorice. I love that burst of flavor that lingers in my mouth, that charges up my senses, makes me all alert and squirrely. So I cheated, and I picked out all of my favorites and ate them all at once. Just one big gob full of licorice. And the result of all that squirreliness (is that a word?) this blog post.

What about you? What flavor, color, appeals to you? Do you even like Jelly Beans? Inquiring minds need to know.



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12 Responses to If You Could Be a Jelly Bean

  1. Susanne says:

    There’s something similar called Mike & Ikes and I find them less sweet. For a while, I was doing a long drive (5 hours in the car total) and found they helped during the mind-numbly boring stretches on the highway. I would eat them one at a time, and each flavour was different. I haven’t eaten them since, which is a good thing. My favourite varied according to the day. Guess I’m fickle.

    I’m still chuckling over the “frown is a smile upside down” that you posted on ReFab. I haven’t heard that one in years.


  2. robena grant says:

    A fickle jelly bean eater. Noooooo. Ha ha. Thanks for coming by Susanne.

  3. I like purple jelly beans! I got hooked on Jelly Belly brand for awhile, always fun to mix a handful of their flavors. Fun post!

  4. robena grant says:

    Yep. A handful tastes like a fruit salad. ; ) Thanks for dropping by, Veronica.

  5. Sam Beck says:

    Roben, I love your “fluff & nonsense”! And now I’m thinking about jelly beans just in time for Easter. Naming a favorite would be like picking my favorite child, (easier to pick the child, actually, since I’ve only got the one), but I will tip you off that COSTCO sells a ginormous jar of the colorful candies (technically Jelly Bellys) with flavors like root beer, strawberry cheesecake and caramel corn. Yum!

  6. robena grant says:

    I never go to Costco anymore. Without a family to feed I’d buy the ginormous containers and eat everything. : ) But hey, thanks for thinking of me, Sam. : )

  7. If we’re talking gourmet, I love green apple and pineapple jelly beans. If we’re talking regular, I love the red, pink, white, and green ones. 🙂

    And uh, I can eat whole bag by myself pretty darn fast. Damn sweet tooth. Have a great weekend!

  8. robena grant says:

    Hmmmm. You’ve got it all covered my friend, everything from tangy to sweet and innocent. ; )

  9. Cherry – it’s all about cherries.

  10. Julie says:

    You well know that I’m “working” on being a better person. In the past I’ve been EXTREMELY intolerant, about many things, included in that is flavours. I can’t eat mixed candies because what if there’s one in there I don’t like?!

    On the other hand, any thing citrus-y is good….. mmmm, but then so are traditional options, like cherry and vanilla and chocolate. Wait, did someone mention root beer?

    I give up. Sweet treats are simply just terrific. That’s my answer, and I’m sticking with it. Glad that you brought some home and enjoyed ’em! (Then shared with us.)