Toilet Paper Wars

You can tell I’m running out of interesting blog discussions when it gets down to bathroom talk. And yes, I get the award for Toilet Roll Replenisher of the year, because I’m special. : )

I’d been on a blog somewhere a week or two ago, and people were talking about how to place the toilet roll on the holder, paper running from front or back. There were tons of good observations. Hmmm. Maybe it was Janie Emaus’ blog? Anyway, having had a husband at one point in my life, raising a son, and growing up with three brothers, I knew that men were not as a rule great about putting the new roll in its rightful place. Nor did they fuss about which way the paper ran, just as long as it didn’t run out seemed to be their motto. They’d pop the new roll on the back of the cistern, or on a countertop, but it seemed strange to me that they never took the couple of seconds required to actually put it on the holder. I figured it was a guy thing.

Man Shaving

 A couple of mornings ago, I went to Curves for my workout. When I used the restroom the last person in there had not replaced the toilet roll when it ran out. There are no males at Curves. This intrigued me. What type of character, female no less, would do such a thing? The last visitor had left the cardboard on the dispenser and then propped the fresh roll jauntily atop that.

Picking up the new roll, I fussed silently about lazy people, knowing I was judging and ranting, but unable to stop. I put the new roll on the dispenser. It was one of those chrome thingies you have to insert into grooves, and it was a little bit difficult. I seemed to be all thumbs. I got the roll in there, and figured I was home safe and sound. About to pat myself on the back for having done this great service, the darn thing sprang off the wall, the chrome thing flying out and bouncing off my foot, and the TP rolling across the tile floor leaving a long white trail behind it. Sigh. It struck me then that the lady before me was not lazy but smart. She had obviously wrestled with the thing in the past and figured it was best to leave the installation to the manager.MP900175574[1]

What about you? If you were at a party at a private home and the TP ran out would you look through the cupboards, find another, quietly load it up and say nothing? Would you find your hostess and tell her she needed a new roll, or would you loudly and proudly tell her of your actions? Would you feel guilty about looking through the cupboards? Come on fess up. There are people here who find all of this intriguing.

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14 Responses to Toilet Paper Wars

  1. Sam Beck says:

    I’m a look and load kind of girl! On the rare occasions we have guests, I always line up a whole bunch of roles on the shelf behind the toilet, so nobody gets caught with their…uh…pants down. 😉

  2. robena grant says:

    Ha ha. Good to know, Sam. I’ll feel safe visiting your home.

  3. Nan says:

    I’m with Sam–look and load. At my house, I try to keep a spare roll in a basket on the back of the toilet tank, so it’s accessible to guests if the current roll runs out. And everyone knows, the roll goes up, so that the paper rolls from the top, otherwise your rings scratch the wall behind the dispenser, right? Fun post, Roben!

  4. Susanne says:

    Roll from the top — that way when you loop it over your hand it’s not the exposed side. Sigh. Yes.
    Maybe next time we can talk about glasses — stored up or down in the cupboard 🙂


  5. If I could find one without being too nosey I’d replace it. If not I would discreetly notify the hostess.

  6. Janie Emaus says:

    OMG! I always look through the cupboards and under the sink when I’m in someone’s bathroom. Please don’t tell anyone!