Happiness Is A Box of Hot Books

The temperature hit triple digits in the California desert communities… 103 in my town. I was inside typing away in the air-conditioning when the postal delivery truck pulled up on Saturday afternoon. The driver off-loaded a big box. I eagerly slit it open and pulled out dozens of books. Guess they’d been in the truck for quite a few hours, because they were sizzling. No not that kind of hot. Ha ha. These are not even close to shades of whatever…they’re romantic suspense…set in the desert, so yeah, hot in that way.

 books 005

Anyway, I was more than happy that the books arrived in time for my Thursday evening May 16, book signing: 4-6 pm, Cunard’s Sandbar Restaurant in Old Town La Quinta, complimentary wine and hors d’oeuvres, and a reading by voice coach/narrator Dee J. Adams. Stop by if you’re in the desert. Now why you would be in the desert with these scorching temperatures I have no idea. Maybe like me, you live here. So you’ll need a nice cold drink. : )

If you’d rather, I’m doing a book signing in Los Angeles on May 19, after the RWA LARA chapter meeting. Hope there are some hot books left, but if not we’ll just party.  Bridges Academy: Noon-2pm. Lunch. No wine, but lots of fun. There may be some really bad horrible karaoke performed.  There will be trivia games with prizes, and a reading by narrator/author Dee J. Adams.

BTW, I’m featured on the Golden Heart blog today: www.ghfirebirds.com

It’s the official book-launch party hosted by one of my 2012 golden Heart finalist pals: Tamra Baumann.  Unlock the Truth, released by The Wild Rose Press, is now in print and all digital formats. YAY! Come on by if you get a chance and say hello. There will be a giveaway.

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2 Responses to Happiness Is A Box of Hot Books

  1. Julie says:

    Ohgawd, my dream come true! Books in REAL LIVE BOOK FORM!

    (I would totally go to the desert to see you.
    And I can’t stand the desert.)

    • Robena Grant says:

      Ha ha. Julie, I know you hate the desert. Thanks for stopping by. We partied on the firebirds blog, and it was a ton of fun. I’d thought I’d closed comments here so this was a nice surprise from you. : )