Written in the Stars

I read my daily horoscope this morning, and it was all about love. I scoffed about my day, and the forthcoming week that would supposedly have me in a tailspin over a new romance.


I haven’t dated in years, and at my age doubt I ever will again. I don’t go rustling the bushes looking for a potential date, or hanging out where the guys hang out. Where is that, anyway? Home Depot? The golf course? A local bar?

Anyway, back to the horoscope. It hit me that for years now I’ve ignored the page on romance. I read my yearly horoscope in January. I read my general monthly horoscope every month. I check in every day to see what is in store, and how things are shaping up. And always, always, always, I check my career page. But the romance page, nope, not even a glance. Now how closed off is that?

And here is something I find interesting:  I was born in Australia, in a completely different time zone and season of the year. In Australia, I’m a spring baby. In America, I celebrate in the fall.


Based upon my birth, the stars have lined up 18 hours ahead of my American horoscope. No wonder I’m always confused. All of the good stuff has happened while I’ve slept. To cover all bases, I’ve always incorporated elements of the day ahead in my reading for the day at hand.  It pays to be on the safe side. : )

So based upon the alignment of the stars, I would have met this guy yesterday.  I wonder how I missed him. Hmmm? Now where did I go, and what did I do yesterday? Stein Mart and Target…nope didn’t see anyone there. A man smiled at me in Trader Joe’s. Maybe it was him?  Oh, and there was the guy in the parking lot, sitting in his car with the air conditioning going and dark glasses on. I sensed he was staring at me. I scowled at him because I thought of how lazy he was in sending his wife in to shop in triple digit temperatures, while he relaxed in the car. Definitely not him. But then again, maybe he had a sore leg, or he’d just had surgery, and maybe it was his buddy doing the shopping. 

It could have been his buddy who smiled at me. I imagined he’d get back in the car and the poor sick dude would say, “There was an old broad who kept glaring at me. She was in a red Camry.” And his friend would say, “Yeah. Lot of old angry broads down here. The desert makes them crazy.” And they’d laugh and drive off, and go hang out at whatever places dudes hang out.

Oh, well. *snaps fingers* I shot that chance at romance to hell, didn’t I?

So what do you think? Do I have too much time on my hands? Do I need to get a life? Maybe go write another story? Do you read your daily horoscope?


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12 Responses to Written in the Stars

  1. Sounds like a good idea for a novel to *me* LOL. Good luck with those horoscopes, fun post.

  2. Robena Grant says:

    Ha ha. Thank you for indulging my weirdness, Veronica. Could be I’m having difficulty with my current antagonist and I’m avoiding doing the writing. ; )

  3. LOL – well, I don’t read horoscopes, but you make interesting observations.

    I think the biggest thing (that has nothing to do with the alignment of stars but the alignment of attitude) is being open to the possibility of finding something (or someone) new.

    When we are open to possibilities, I think we send out vibes and little things might happen. Like that man smiling at you in Trader Joes.

    One never knows!

  4. Robena Grant says:

    You are so right on that, Lynne. I walk around with blinders on when it comes to the male species. They could be tap dancing on ice and tossing confetti trying to get attention, and I wouldn’t notice. ; )

  5. Roben, you make me laugh. I am 53, and it seems unlikely that romance will find me (at least one that I don’t write myself). As far as I can tell, I am now invisible to men. On the other hand, my step-daughter has insisted for years that men are looking at me and I just don’t see them. So who knows?

    My tarot readings have said for years that “he” was coming any day now. Apparently, we’re both waiting for really sloooooow guys 🙂

  6. Robena Grant says:

    Ah yes, Deb, but once he gets the same message then you’d better watch out. Hope he’s a real cutie. Ha ha.

    Those blinders we wear are strange aren’t they?

  7. Skye Hughes says:

    It does seem hard to take the “romance is coming” message seriously after a certain age as a woman because it seems all the age-appropriate guys prefer younger women and I really have no interest in dating any of those 20-yo “cougar hunter” types. If love comes a’calling (and I wouldn’t mind if it did), it will practically need to tackle me to get my attention!

  8. Robena Grant says:

    Ha ha. Yes, Skye. Romance would have to bash me over the head before I recognized it. : )

  9. So, my mom is 73 and she’s been a widow for 15 years and I’ve never heard her say a peep about dating again. And then, last time I went down to visit her, she mentioned her friend “Jerry.” And then this weekend she came up for Grandparents’ Day at my little guy’s preschool and, again, with the Jerry references.And now it looks like she and Jerry are taking a day trip from their retirement community up to the LaBrea Tar Pits and I’ll take the little guy over and we’ll…gasp…meet Jerry!!! I don’t know what mom’s horoscope indicates, but I gotta say don’t write off romance no matter how old you are or how long you’ve been alone, (even if you “preferred” it that way)!

    • Robena Grant says:

      Ah, so it’s the never say never thing, Sam? Uh oh. : )

      I do see a lot of my older friends with male companions and they seem happy. If your mother is happy with Jerry I’m all for it. Living alone is not always healthy. If I didn’t have my writing and my “imaginary friends” I have no clue how I’d fill my days.

  10. I can’t fault you because I’m with you. I am so happy being male-less. Only miss them in one area and the b.o.b. does a pretty good job of taking care of that.

  11. Robena Grant says:

    We’re all different, aren’t we? I just don’t think in terms of love and male company, obviously, by the fact that I don’t even read the romance section of the horoscope. Ha ha.