Dreams of Dancing

I don’t often remember my dreams, but this one was vivid, in full color, and I remembered the conversations. So I got my trusty dream analysis book off the shelf.

I was being interviewed by our local newscaster, who does a 15 minute section on what is happening in the Coachella Valley, in the Southern California desert. I was seated next to my literary agent. What? I don’t have one. And the worst part of the dream was I couldn’t see the face of the agent.

The newscaster was not in his normal clothing of suit and tie. He wore a gray track suit and sneakers, and a big grin. And he did a Greek dance at the end of the interview. He’s of Italian descent, not Greek, however I do have a friend visiting Greece at this very moment. Maybe that was the influence? But what was with the dancing? My book of dreams says: dancing denotes business outlook brightens, and unexpected good fortune. Good! I could use more money.


I was questioned about my current book. I said the title was The Amazing Women of New York. I went on to explain that I wanted to show the incredible, self-sustaining, powerful, independent, and creative women of the city. I don’t live in NYC. I don’t know many New Yorkers. However, my mother-in-law did. She passed away in July, so maybe that is where the thought came from. To dream of M-I-L means a pleasant reconciliation. Although I didn’t dream specifically of her, it was all about NYC…which was her. So my hope is this reconciliation is not IN heaven, but maybe with the city itself. : )


Back to the dream. I told the interviewer about the amazing view from my apartment in Manhattan, and how I love gazing across the river as I work. The vision was from a distant wealthy cousin’s apartment in Sutton Place. A place I visited once, but obviously it had left an impression. We then went on to discuss the book, with my agent speaking for me at times. I think he was male, because I recall a deep voice and a vision of one hand on the knee of black pants. I can’t wait to meet him. Oh, and the apartment would be nice too.

But wait a minute, I need to peruse the dream book again. For an author to dream of his/her work going to press denotes caution; there will be trouble in placing the book before the public. Ah, well. What else is new? Might as well forget about the apartment, agent, and interview. Or then again, maybe the dancing offsets the negativity of the amazing story going to press? Ha ha. If anyone knows a nice male agent looking for an author who writes romance, but obviously has the ability to write a book about NY women, will you give him my number?

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  1. What a fabulous dream! It isn’t often that I have a vivid dream and/or that it would pertain to my life in any way. The last vivid dream I had, I was in Philadelphia with my family and all of a sudden the city was under attack. We don’t go into Philly all that often so the dream was all about getting OUT!

    I’m not dream expert and with no book to guide me, I’d say your M-I-L sent you a message that she’s proud of your accomplishments as a published Author and to hold onto your bootstraps because things are going to start moving quickly in the right direction for you.

    Congrats on your releases and thank you for sharing your dreams.

  2. Robena Grant says:

    Thanks, RoseAnn. Yes, it could have been a message from beyond. I was very close to my m-i-l, and I did not get the chance to actually say goodbye. I’d recently read that dreams are wishes the heart makes. Maybe that was my wish.

  3. If I knew such an agent I would give him your # and my highest recommendations in a minute. Sorry to say, I don’t know such an agent, or any agent for that matter.

  4. I love reviewing my dreams in the morning – the only time I really remember them – but I don’t often analyze them. Funny how our minds make those associations..

  5. I often have wacky dreams, but last night was a goodie. Dreamed that I had a cadaver left hand sewed on to replace my missing one (I don’t have a missing hand IRL), by… George Clooney. (Apparently he’s also a surgeon in DreamLand, didn’t just play one on TV.) Then he held that hand in mine all night, with some very nice naked snuggling going on.

    My dream dictionary says our left hand is connected to our relationship with our mothers – and mine, indeed, was prematurely chopped off. I’m not sure how George Clooney can do anything about it, but I’m certainly willing to let him try, lol!

    • Robena Grant says:

      LOL. Yeah, having George hold your hand, even if it is from a cadaver, could be cozy. I did not know that about left hands being about the relationship to mother. (And sorry for your early loss, that is never easy.) The left hand is closest to the heart. Interesting.

  6. I love getting engrosed in my dreams and hate to wake up sometimes. But if my bladder calls, I’ve got to get up. Then I go back to bed and try to will the dream to continue, but never have much luck. By morning I’ve forgotten the whole dream. Sigh.
    My goal is to learn to sleep through the night without having to use the bathroom. Then maybe I’ll be calling you up to have you refer to your book on dreams. 🙂
    Verrrry Interesting dream, though. I like the dancing part best. Oh, and the agent – was his hand on his knee or yours? LOL Kidding!

  7. Robena Grant says:

    Ha ha, Lynne. Definitely his hand was on his own knee. I’m way past the age of having enticing knees…or anything. And he had a rather pompous voice. Very intimidating. : )

  8. Janie Emaus says:

    I dream almost every night. Very vivid dreams, which I try to figure out. But sometimes, I think they just mean I need to escape somewhere, without deadlines, pressures and problems!

  9. Robena Grant says:

    Hi Janie, I secretly think they are all of the “sound bites” from the day. The things that have imprinted themselves in our minds, and then they get crazy mixed up in the night as we sleep. : )

  10. Love that, Roben! I never remember my dreams. I actually make an effort not to because they’re always yucky. If I dreamed about being interviewed and agents and New York, I’d so want to keep up with that! 😉

  11. Nan says:

    Um…Sigmund, I think we need you over here!

    Wow, what a dream! When I have weird dreams, not scary, just odd, like this one, I try to figure out what I ate earlier that night. I’m not a dream interpreter, as you can see. But I’d start keeping a dream journal if I were you–just a notebook by your bed to write down your dreams as soon as you wake up. They’ll obviously make terrific fodder for new novels!

    • Robena Grant says:

      It’s funny, Nan, I have done that thing of ask of your heart a question (just before going to sleep) and within a couple of days gotten the answer. I’ve used it for troublesome spots in my books too. Like, why is my character so and so doing such and such. Your question has to be specific for it to work. : )

  12. Julie says:

    Oh what a fun and VIVID dream! I’d have to say that your analysis book nailed that one. And I agree with RoseAnn, definitely a loving message there.

    Our subconscious tell us so much each night, we just don’t always remember it. Or understand it!

  13. Robena Grant says:

    Thank you, Julie. If anyone knew about this stuff it would be you. : )

    Hey, all if anyone wants a Tarot read check out Julie’s site: http://www.urthalun.com