Fallen Angel

For many years I had a crystal angel that hung from my car’s rear view mirror. She had lost her wings and her halo, and I loved her. She was my driving good luck charm because, being crystal, she brought energy to me and deflected all the bad stuff. About a year ago I sold that car and forgot to take my angel. I was beyond sad and visited every car wash I could find, searching for a replacement. No luck.

I was doing rewrites on The Blue Dolphin at that time, so bought a blue plastic dolphin, and a wild cherry tree thingy for the scent (because of the Cherries and because my car is cherry red in color). Finally, I found my angel and it had a little prayer attached:

                          Guardian Angel I think I may, go out to see the world today.

                          So keep me safe and sound I pray, that I may see another day.

For six months I’ve driven around with these three things dangling in front of me. My son is horrified. Whenever he drives my car (even if it’s to a local restaurant when he visits) he pushes the three items up on top of the mirror. I just roll my eyes, and when he’s gone they are returned to their rightful place. He’ll often ask me, “What’s next, the head-bobbing dog for the back window?”


So, now I’m not blaming son, but my angel’s little gold metal wings fell off. I think the intense heat of the desert just melted the glue. I put the wings away, thinking maybe one day I’d glue them back on, and then I got to thinking about my old angel. She had no wings. Did this somehow relate to me? Was the universe telling me something like, “Stay at home lady. You’ve lost your wings and you can no longer fly.” Today I got into the car and the entire angel dropped from her perch and fell onto the passenger seat. When I picked her up she wasn’t broken, however, her gold metal halo slipped and it is now slung around her neck. What the hell does that mean?

Anyway, I re-attached her to the mirror and smiled. She’s exactly the way my old angel was. I figure if this angel represents me, I’m wingless, have a fallen halo, and I’ve hit rock bottom. It feels good. : )

How about you? Do you have any good luck items or charms that you swear by?

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6 Responses to Fallen Angel

  1. Nan says:

    My dragonfly necklace from my mom, the story of which I think I’ve told on the Bettyverse. I never take it off–it reminds me to be bold. I don’t always get the job done, but I’m trying…

  2. Robena Grant says:

    I don’t remember the necklace story. But I love the idea of it, and I like being bold. : )

  3. I have a tiny little pewter medallion of the Virgin of Guadeloupe that I got at her shrine in Mexico City which I’ve been wearing since 1968; have broken more silver chains over the years than I can count but never lost the medallion.

    • Robena Grant says:

      Thanks for stopping by Veronica. I have a St. Christopher medallion that I bought at Notre Dame in Paris. Like you I’ve broken a ton of chains but never the medallion.

  4. Lynne Marshall says:

    Oh Robena, too funny! the last thing I think of you as is a wingless angel with a halo around your neck. Just because you can’t see those wings doesn’t mean they’re not there. And, in my eyes, you halo is well attached above your head, so quit worrying about it. Drive that cherry red car with confidence in knowing you are definitely being looked over by good scents, peaceful waters, and a kick butt angel.

    As for me, I have a lovely red pump given to me by you (miniature-sized of course) with a small crystal shamrock inserted inside, given to me by one of my co-workers when I retired from nursing. They sit near my computer and I enjoy gazing at them sometimes for inspiration, sometimes with nothing in my noggin, while I write.

    Fun blog!

  5. Robena Grant says:

    Lynne, I just scrolled down and found this comment. You still have that show, the red high heeled pump? I did not know that. : ) I can’t recall the story I made up or why I gave one to each of you gals in our crit group, all I remember is I went back to buy a couple more and could never find them again. Must try again, as I want one for me. ; )