Humphrey’s Back Home and There’s Gonna Be Some Trouble…


…hey, yah, my stuffed bear’s home!

Humphrey arrived back from the U.K. last weekend, after spending the entire summer with his mother. Meanwhile, I had a peaceful few months, and I got a ton of writing done without constant interruption.

“You missed me,” Humphrey said, plopping into a chair beside me.

“What makes you say that?” I asked, continuing to tap away on the keyboard.

“The “hey yah” bit, it’s very American, but I do understand the emotion you’re trying to express. We Brits would probably say bully, or jolly good, or—”

“Fine. I did miss you, but now I’m working. What can I do for you?”

“I have a question about Robin Bielman’s books.” Humphrey put the Kindle on the desk. “Why do they always leave you hungry for something sweet?”

A suspicious sweet scent wafted from his fur as he leaned closer. I turned to see a small drop off what looked like icing at the corner of his mouth. Dark brown crumbs spattered his new tie. “You didn’t?”

bear 003

“What?” he asked brushing at his lips and causing an avalanche of brown crumbs to sink into the fur on his legs.

I dashed over to the fridge and pulled out my box of treasures.

bear 002

“These are my treats. They’re gluten free chocolate cupcakes made for humans, not bears. And you do not have gluten problems, so don’t go there—”

“I did have a tummy ache this morning,” he said, and rubbed clockwise three times over his girth. “I only ate two. They really are quite moreish, and I was completely out of Fig Newtons. ”

I shook my head. Two? And what did he mean he was out of cookies? I could only begin to imagine the mess that must be in his bed“Okay, tell me about Robin’s book. I’m assuming you read, Her Accidental Boyfriend.

“Yes. A wonderful warm read, fine characters…very likeable, and I would recommend this read to anyone looking to cheer up their bear self. Mum would love it.”

“What part did you like the best?”

“Hmmm.” He dusted the crumbs off his chest, picked up one rather large morsel from his leg and popped that crumb into his mouth. “It was sweet, very sweet, and fabulous for anyone looking to brighten their day, or night. The chemistry between Shane and Kagan sparked, and even Mum would approve of the closed door scenes. I liked the touch of mystery, and the way they both professed to not want a relationship. It was excellent storytelling, and I do have to say it made me feel like a young bear again…out there, doing the cave hops, getting my groove on, and—”

“Enough said. We get the picture.” I shook my head in an attempt to dislodge that picture. Would he ever truly understand that he is now and always was a stuffed bear? How he became a talking, walking, cigar smoking stuffed bear is a whole nuther topic. “I agree with your thoughts. I’d also highly recommend Her Accidental Boyfriend.

“Good.” Humphrey stretched and yawned noisily. “Well, I’m off for a nap.” He reached out one sticky paw toward my cupcake box. “Shall I put these away?”

“Hands off,” I said, doing my best impression of the latest hero/law enforcement officer I was writing about. “Back away from the cupcakes.” I watched him scamper down the hall, and grinned. He moves pretty fast for an old guy.

He glanced back and shoved a paw high into the air. “Five paws. Don’t forget to tell her I said five paws.”

My suggestion: if you haven’t already done so, go get your copy of Her Accidental Boyfriend. Oh, and while you’re at it, buy some cupcakes, just in case.



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26 Responses to Humphrey’s Back Home and There’s Gonna Be Some Trouble…

  1. Seems like Humphrey and I both like sweet things and Robin Bielman’s books! I’d give Her Accidental Boyfriend Five Paws too, if I wasn’t a human and all!

  2. OMG! Can you see the deliriously happy smile on my face? 😀 Roben, you are so awesome! And Humphrey? I want to squeeze you and kiss you and eat cupcakes with you! Thanks so much for this wonderful surprise you guys! I’m so honored by the five paws. You totally made my day! xoxo

  3. robena grant says:

    See what I mean…even your emails are sweetness. : ) But, I will NOT tell Humphrey about the offer to eat cupcakes with him. He’d be on that in a nanosecond. Have a wonderful day!

  4. Skye Hughes says:

    Humphrey is very articulate about books; I’m now interested in Her Accidental Boyfriend.

    I feel for you, having a stuffed bear that eats your cupcakes. My stuffed hedgehog, Bouncy, only eats those thing gingersnaps. Which wasn’t a problem until I moved in with housemates who ALWAYS have sweets such as gingersnaps in the house. 🙂

  5. robena grant says:

    Skye, I know you would love this story. It’s such a feel good romance. And gingersnaps, one of my favorites. Funny how those cookies just disappear isn’t it? : 0

  6. Well that was the most adorable review I’ve ever read. Robin I hope you are entering these books in contests in the traditional romance category .

    I’m a big fan of both Robin and Robena. 🙂

  7. robena grant says:

    Thanks, Lynne, and I’m a big fan of your medical romances. : ) Thanks so much for stopping by and trying again after the server went down. It was a crazy day, but I suppose technical and communication problems are the thing during Mercury retrograde.

  8. Hayson Manning says:

    What a fabulous interview. I’m hankering after some cupcakes now. I love Humphrey and adore Robin’s books. Win. Win.

  9. Sam Beck says:

    Yay, I’m in! I’m finally in!! Humphrey may steal your cupcakes and you’re Kindle, (and that is sooo wrong), but when he’s right, he’s right. And the bear is right about “Her Accidental Boyfriend.” Such a fun, entertaining, heartwarming read! I LOVED IT!!!

  10. Janie Emaus says:

    Robin is so sweet herself. I just flows naturally that her books would leave you with that great feeling.

  11. Julie says:

    You know how I love Humphrey’s reviews……….
    and cupcakes!

  12. I make it a point to always buy the books Humphrey recommends. He and I have similar tastes it seems. Except cigars – yuck.