Feelin’ Lucky?

To coincide with the lucky date of 11/12/13, I have a one day GoodReads giveaway of Desert Exposure, which ends tonight at midnight, and it is for US readers. The winner will be announced on Thursday, 14th, November.



There is another giveaway here on my blog for one autographed copy of Desert Exposure, open to readers from all countries. Desert Exposure_Robena Grant.jpg Leave a comment, a wave, a how ya’ doin, to enter and I’ll draw the name on Friday, 15th, November. Now go kiss your sweetie, or buy a lottery ticket or something. ; )

Friday 15th Addendum:


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14 Responses to Feelin’ Lucky?

  1. Melinda says:

    Great book!

  2. Barb Han says:

    I have this book loaded up in my reading cue. Can’t wait to dig in!!

  3. DeNise says:

    Can’t wait to explore your world.

  4. robena grant says:

    Thanks for dropping by DeNise. Hope this lucky day brings you something fun. : )

  5. Hi Robena! I just finished Desert Exposure and really enjoyed it.

  6. Cindy says:

    You forgot to link to your trailer! I already bought & read DE but wanted to tell new readers it’s great:)

    • Robena says:

      Aww, thanks, Cindy. And hey, you’re right! I totally forgot the trailer. Maybe I’ll do a reminder post on FB tonight and add the trailer.

  7. I loved this book. There was guffawing. There was also regular awing. It’s an awe-causing kinda read!

  8. Robena says:

    Ha ha, Gretchen. Thank you!
    The one thing I’m not, but would love to be, is one of those writers who do lovely snarky dialogue, or laugh out loud scenes. I’m always surprised when someone says something that I wrote was funny.

  9. londonmabel says:

    I already have it! Hoping to read it in December, when nano’s over and I always get in the mood for rrrromance.

    Glad to see Humphrey’s well and awful.