Watcha’ Reading?

I’m an avid reader, and usually read a book in a day or two. I manage about four books a week. I rarely watch TV, unless it’s The Voice, which is my favorite show, or an old black and white movie on Turner Classics. If there’s nothing on to watch I’ll go to bed by 9pm and read until about 11pm. Most days, I’ll stretch out on the couch and read for a couple of hours in the late afternoon.


I love Regency romance and always read that when I’m writing romantic suspense, mainly because it doesn’t mess with my thoughts or plot or characters. I rarely read romantic suspense novels, because most authors write too dark for me. I know. I’m a wuss. I do love mystery though, cozies, contemporaries with a mystery thread, historical romance with a mysterious hero. When I went to Australia recently I soaked up every TV mystery show, most of them British and especially wonderful. I wish I could find channels here that showed them, but unfortunately not.

Back to reading, here are my most recent reads:

Her Accidental Boyfriend, by Robin Bielman…a sweet and sexy contemporary romance.

Dark Angel, by T J Bennett…a sensual, historical/gothic with a fairytale feel.

Falling for the Marine,  by Samanthe Beck…hot/humorous/contemporary romance.

The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak…historical/young adult, where death is the omniscient narrator.

Outlaw Bride, by Tanya Hanson…western romance novella, sweet and sassy.

Dark Witch, by Nora Roberts…a contemporary paranormal, sexy/dark, and set in Ireland.

Now what does this tell you? Well, from the lack of Regency reading I’m obviously not doing much writing of romantic suspense. These were all wonderful reads, and got five stars from me, and they were entirely different stories. I’ve noticed I’ll read one historical and then reach for a contemporary. I suppose it’s like when we had six or so courses at a formal dinner and were served a little glass of lemon sorbet to cleanse the palate. ; ) Or it could be the box of chocolates thing…mix it up, try one of each.

Some books stay with me for a long time. Either the plot, or one or two main characters, will grab my attention, and I’ll continue to live in that story world for a few days. Those are the books that feed my soul. Other books I enjoy purely for the fun of the read, like watching a romantic comedy film where I don’t have to think too much but am left with a satisfied sigh.

Even though I load up my Kindle with all types of books, I think it’s safe to say that I read depending on my mood. What about you? What book are you reading now, or have read in the past couple of weeks?



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12 Responses to Watcha’ Reading?

  1. Great list of books. I know and love so many of those authors! I like to read within the romance genre and outside of it. Due to my recent traveling, I recently read a mystery set in Montreal – Still Life. Fun book, but I never could get my finger on the POV shifts. I also recently read a short story by a fellow Medical Romance author, Wendy J. Marcus – Group Seduction – not at all what the title suggests. It was a “how to save this marriage” story, and I liked it a lot. Now I’ve started Gone Girl. Wow, what a great writer, and such a unique way to tell this suspense story. Highly recommend if you haven’t already read it.
    Oh, and thanks for reminding me I should spend the rest of the month reading Christmas books. I think I’ll start with Sara Morgan’s first ever single title: Sleigh Bells in the Snow. Unlike you, I am not a fast reader. sigh.

    • robena grant says:

      Yes! We read Gone Girl for bookclub a few months back. What a lively discussion that was. At the end of the story we all hated both main characters. : ) I’ll take a look at your suggestions, Lynne. I think I’ve got the book itchies as nothing is calling to me.

  2. Janie Emaus says:

    I just read My Husband’s Secret by Laine Moriarty. Fabulous book!

  3. Sam Beck says:

    Hi Robena! Welcome back to Cali! Your blog may be the one and only place where I see my book amongst titles by amazing authors like Robin, Tanya, TJ, Markus and wow…Nora. 🙂 Thank you for checking out Falling for the Marine, and liking it!

    Our reading lists have overlapped a little. I finished “Her Accidental Boyfriend” recently, (LOVED IT), and am now 3% into “Outlaw Bride,” and totally hooked.

    Also very much looking forward to my next Robena Grant read. Nudge, nudge, write faster!

  4. robena grant says:

    Hey Sam, thanks for stopping by. I’m thrilled to comment on your books…love your writing and sly humor. I know you must giggle as you write. ; )There will be a new RG book very soon, too soon in fact. Awaiting the release date as I type this.

  5. Julia Blake says:

    Great post Robena. I always appreciate hearing what other people are reading. I just finished Eloisa James’ ONCE UPON A TOWER. It’s one of her re-imagined fairy tales, and it was great. Of course I generally do love her books.


  6. Was Dark Witch good? I’m currently working through her Robb’s In Death series.
    Going to take some breaks, though, and work my way through some short stories. There is a series of separate books called the 12 Days of Christmas that starts with: A Partridge in the Au Pair’s Tree: 12 Days of Christmas series (A Short Story) by Susan Donovan and ends with: Twelve’s Drummer Dying: 12 Days of Christmas series (A Short Story) by Gemma Holiday.
    The short story I am most looking forward to is: Eight Maids a’ Missing: 12 Days of Christmas series (A Short Story) by Jana Deleon. I just love her!

    • robena grant says:

      I enjoyed Dark Witch very much. Maybe because it was an Irish setting, or that I hadn’t read a witch story in a while. I thought it was well done and it certainly held my interest, Judy.
      I like your suggestion on the 12 days.

  7. Julie says:

    Great list, jotting them all down! I love recommendations from writers.

    Just picked up Christopher Rice’s new book from the library. He is Anne Rice’s son, super funny on Twitter, huge LGBTQ advocate, and excellent authour in his own right. Can’t wait to get in to this one, I’ve read all of his others. Very dark, but super compelling.