Gone Tropical

Today, I’m thrilled to announce the release of my Australian rainforest romantic adventure: Gone Tropical.


Please join me on the blog @ www.ghfirebirds.com where we’ll chat about the use of setting in a story. (This is the blog created by my fellow 2012 Golden Heart finalists and there are some amazing authors in this group.)

No time to blog hop? Here is the info on my book:

He was hired to protect her, but can she save him from his past?

 Armed with an inside tip, Amy Helm arrives in Australia determined to catch her thieving ex-husband. After he absconded with five million dollars from her father’s business, the FBI thinks the trail has gone cold. But who better to catch him than the psychologist who knew him intimately?

 LAPD-turned-solitary-P.I. Jake Turner is on Amy’s tail. Hired by her estranged father to find the money and keep her out of harm, he enlists the help of an old Aussie friend. Amy knows their skills are valuable, but her hackles go up when Jake orders her to stay in Sydney.

Playing a dangerous game of catch-me-if-you-can deep in the Australian rainforest leads them into a cyclone, a fake marriage, a drug cartel, and maybe, a whole new life. It’s a dizzying ride of fear and romance, and one Amy won’t soon give up.

Available now at Amazon for Kindle: http://www.tinyurl.com/ljvz3yn

In two weeks it will be available in print: www.amazon.com & www.wildrosepress.com and will go to worldwide release 04/11/2014.

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