An Office for All Seasons

Do you often rearrange your office space? I do. My rearranging is a seasonal thing. Unlike the cat that follows the sun from window to window, I tend to move to escape the sun’s rays. Living in the desert requires some creativity in order to do that.

My office was once the breakfast nook. I have a dining room, which I seldom use, and a small moveable butcher-block island in the kitchen, (which I purchased at Walmart and put together myself, thank you very much) so I tend to eat there. The breakfast nook was valuable space. It meant not turning my spare bedroom into an office. The photo is a bit dark but you’ll get my gist.


Back to seasons and the sun. In the summer the sun comes in like a fireball through those front windows. I’ve had them glazed inside, have exterior shades that filter the sun but allow light, and have a portico sunshade erected at the front door. And yet working in my office space requires many shade adjustments throughout the day. At the end of May, I usually move my desk into an angular position facing the smaller window nearest to the front door. By 2pm I can’t stay at the desk any longer and move into the living room with the laptop.

I noticed this past week that the sun is not as glaring. Ah, time for a change back to my favorite desk position at the center window. And, no, do not suggest an inner wall as that would mean having my back to the door, and the art of Feng Shui decries that. My back would be to the main entrance. That’s a no-no. I need all of the good energy in that room. Besides that, the center window denotes the area of highest creativity, and I need to capture every drop I can.

Another thing I noticed after I moved furniture and swept up dust bunnies, there was a lot of short hair, some of it gray. Does this mean my office had been turned into a head scratching, hair tearing out room of non-creativity?

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12 Responses to An Office for All Seasons

  1. Kady Winter says:

    LOL Roben! I, too, deal with the perfect view/sun in the eyes dilemma. Then my daughter came home for the summer and needed more than a mattress on the floor of my husband’s home office, so I moved my office entirely from the sunroom to the living room. I’m delighted with my new location, desk angle that does not require blackout curtains after 4 pm and the forced archaeology through the “important” papers on my desk. I like it so much, I don’t think I’m moving back once she goes back to school! And I love your new silver locks you’re finding on the floor. 😉

  2. robena grant says:

    Hi, Kady. I think it’s funny how one position of our desk can make a huge difference. Last week I wrote three chapters in my new location. Hah! Thanks for the comments on the silver. ; )

  3. Hair-tearing is part of the gig, Robena! So, you mean to tell me I’ve been dashing my creativity because I face the window with my back to the door in my office? I really don’t want to stare at a wall when I write – I get enough of that from writing – staring at walls on the computer screen, that is.
    Maybe that’s the reason I haven’t been able to come up with a blog for a month now? Truth is I’m nearing the 30K mark in my WIP – 20K to go!
    I’m pretending my back isn’t to the wall.

  4. robena grant says:

    Oh, yeah, the hair tearing. : ) I missed seeing you yesterday at LARA. But to answer your question, nope. I think this is like a placebo. If I think the new position brings luck, it will bring luck. Ha ha.

  5. Dee J. says:

    I love that space of yours! Jealous of it actually. Finding hair, you ask? All over the damn house, not just where I write. You’ll be calling me Baldy in no time…

    • robena grant says:

      My funny little space. I paid big money for the bi-fold floor to ceiling shutters that close off the room, and I never close them. Ever.I tried shutting them once and it felt odd but okay. For the first hour or two. Then I felt claustrophobic and they have remained open ever since.

  6. Sam Beck says:

    I envy your windows! Just outside our kitchen I have a small, built-in desk/armoire thing where I’m supposed to write, but that means staring at nothing but my computer screen the whole time, plus it’s dangerously close to my ‘fridge. I usually cheat and move my laptop to the dining room table, which still has me in an eating frame of mind, but at least I get a room with a view. My dream house has an actual “office” where I would write. (It also has a pool, a tennis court, and a bunch of staff to clean everything for me).

    • robena grant says:

      Oh, I know all about the damn fridge, Sam. I have my back to mine, but it calls me frequently. My dream office is not a space but a room. A room with a door. Oh, and if we’re talking pools and tennis courts, how about tossing in a cabana boy? ; )

  7. Susan B James says:

    Love your moving spaces. My desk faces the wall because if I look out the window, well that’s where I want to go. Out for a walk or to my backyard to watch birds and work on a puzzle.

    • robena grant says:

      I know what you mean, Susan. I’m a big believer in whatever works, works. I’m kind of tongue-in-cheek over the Feng Shui. But, being a bit of a nosy person, if my back was to the window I’d be constantly spinning around to see who was driving by, etc. etc. Ha ha.

  8. Janie Emaus says:

    I’m pretty boring. I write at the same place, staring at the same awful wallpaper (time for a much needed change). But it works for me.

  9. robena grant says:

    Hey, Janie. Thanks for stopping by. I’m a believer in if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. ; )