Strange Energy

I had a check for several thousand dollars go astray this past week. The people who mailed it assured me it had been sent. I waited. I waited some more. I figured if they were stretching the truth and had not mailed it on the first of the month, it might arrive on the 4th. Nope. I’d have to wait through the weekend. I’d begun with the name calling, and fussing about people telling lies. It was going to be a looooong weekend.

September had been a rough month, with thousands of dollars in payments for the flood repairs to the house, plus, of course, it was tax month. I had already drained my savings account. Since retirement, I have money filter in monthly from several different accounts, some direct deposit, others by the old-fashioned check. I don’t keep much money in a liquid state. I stick to my monthly budget and only rarely take from my IRA. To do that requires five business days. My life would be a mess if I didn’t receive that usual monthly check.

016I had read my horoscope for October, and it sounded dreadful. Mercury was retrograde. We all know what that means with things going missing, and communications getting mixed up. Do you believe in such things? orange moonAlso, there was a blood moon, the full moon falling on my birthday. Talk about strange energy.

When I’m frustrated, or have that sense of lack-of-control, I either read and escape into someone else’s fantasy world building, watch a ton of movies, or I get busy and do hard physical work. On Sunday, I spent the day painting the master bedroom, new baseboards, and rearranging furniture. It didn’t help. By Sunday night, I was having bad dreams and insomnia. Monday came and went…no check.  I called again and was further assured it had been mailed. Frustrated beyond belief, I said I’d give it one more day, and if it didn’t arrive we’d have to put a stop payment on that check. Then I’d have to drive to L.A. and get a replacement check, because I had bills to pay. Soon.

On Tuesday, (with my decision made that I’d await mail delivery, and if the letter was not there, I’d drive straight up to L.A.) I was calmly sweeping the garage floor. I had the door open. The mail van whizzed up the street and the mailman smiled and waved. A new mailman, I thought, continuing to sweep. Then it hit me. I jumped into the car and followed him to our community mailboxes.MP900386050

He had the back of the box open and was popping mail into the individual cubby holes. We can only access our personal mailbox from the front, and with a key. I asked him if it was possible that the envelope, which I described, could be in the wrong slot. He graciously shook out people’s mail, and there it was, two spaces over, in the box for my Canadian neighbors who would not return until Thanksgiving. The postal stamp was September 29th.

MP900385349I grabbed the letter, offering profuse thanks, (even though it was a PO mistake.) I called the company and told them what had happened. On the way to the bank, I said a little prayer asking for forgiveness for the name-calling, mistrust, kicking of walls, oh, and for the drunken-sailor-cuss-words.

Do you believe there is always an answer within us? If I’d done less name-calling, stayed positive, and been more conscious of sitting quietly and trying to figure this out, would I have found the answer sooner?

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18 Responses to Strange Energy

  1. Robena, I have to say the same thing about my life in October and September. Nothing has gone right. My apartment complex lost my rent check. So I had to write it again. It bounced because I didn’t have enough in the account. LOL I found out the paperback books I ordered from my publisher are way more expensive than I had anticipated and I don’t have the money to pay for them. I have a signing November 8th that I cannot miss and may not have the books. I was supposed to go on vacation and cant now cause husband has the gout. This fall is one of the worst I have ever had so far. So yes something strange is in the air. I hope things turn around for you. 🙂

  2. robena grant says:

    It’s crazy isn’t it, Crystal? I had more weird stuff happen this weekend, but I won’t bore you with that. ; ) Thanks for coming by my blog.
    Just an idea, but maybe if you can’t get your books in time for the November book signing, order postcards from Vista Print. They’re inexpensive, and at least you could have something to hand out and to show the books are available in print and eBook. Then just talk the books up and hope for the best. Thinking of you and sending out positive vibes to the universe.

  3. Sam Beck says:

    It’s kind of frightening in this technical, computerized world, how much human error still factors into everything, (and I’m a walking, talking monument to human error, so I point no fingers). A combination of luck and gut instinct is what saved you from having to wait for the issuer to cancel and re-send the check!

    I’m happy it all worked out. Don’t feel bad about having your doubts. I’ve noticed my bills are always right on time, but the checks are usually late, so…people do sometimes fib a little on those mailing dates.

    I say ride that luck. Go buy a lottery ticket!

  4. I think you earned a little name-calling and kicking of walls! Your story is beyond frustrating. I’m so sorry you lost sleep. It’s a good thing that you’re so Nancy Drew that you decided to follow up with your new postman. I agree with Sam. It’s time for you to buy a lottery ticket. I hear this Mercury-in-retrograde thing is going to be a problem right up until the 24th — my birthday. I’m a superstitious non-believer, but I’m hoping that things clear up — for all of us — by then.

  5. robena grant says:

    Nancy Drew! Hah! My childhood favorite. Love working out a mystery. And Sarah, I just got home from Curves where I talked about my blog post. Every woman present had a story to tell of strange happenings in October. So, I’m not completely nuts. ; )

  6. Hey Robena – is there any way this type of transaction can be handled bank-to-bank in the future? It sure would save you a lot of stress and heartache.
    Good for you for painting a room by yourself. I’ve never done that, and I don’t aspire to!

  7. robena grant says:

    Hi, Lynne. I talked with them about a direct deposit, but so far no luck. I am going to try again though. As my son says, “This is 2014, you should have that money in your account immediately.” : ) Heck even SS makes a direct deposit.

  8. Janie Emaus says:

    Well, I didn’t believe so much until I wrote my YA novel involving Mercury in Retrograde. So, yes..I think it was an energy thing and I hope it doesn’t happen again. But it might! But think of it this way, it did give you something to write about. Everything happens for a reason. Right?

  9. Kady Winter says:

    Oh, we can all so relate to the frustration and anxiety of a late check. The worry that it’s been stolen, the countdown until you give up and ask for it to be re-cut, adding more days to the delay. Good on you for having the presence of mind to follow up with the mailman. And wishing you continued upswing in luck that finding the check marked. 🙂

  10. Susan B James says:

    I’ve always believed that the Universe would take care of me, but its really hard when you are expecting a job or a check to hold that as a mantra. I keep trying thou. I wish you a much happier rest of the month and a belated Happy Birthday.

    • robena grant says:

      Thanks, Susan. The strange energy persists. Still more weird stuff happening. : ) Maybe by next week when Mercury goes forward again my situation will improve.

  11. Liz Flaherty says:

    I’m so glad you did your Nancy Drew thing. October is a different time. I’ve sold a few books–including my first one–in October, something I’d like to become a trend!

  12. robena grant says:

    Ooooh, that would be good, Liz. Make October the book month. I have your new one on my kindle. Have to get through galleys, should be done today…and then it is reading time!

  13. Julie says:

    Oh, you know how I feel about this! Great figuring and solving, well done.

    One of the things about this particular retrograde cycle is that there’s THREE planets spinning backwards right now. (Or, so they appear.) Plus, as you said, the moon.

    Happy belated birthday, hope everything goes well from here. But if it doesn’t, take a small break, and wait. Toss some love and positive energy at the problem. It’ll be fine, eventually.

  14. robena grant says:

    Thanks, Julie. Good advice. I hadn’t known about the three planets, but that explains the intensity. My PDF file with the galley copy of my next book also went missing. Fortunately my editor knows I respond, even if only to say “got it.” When she hadn’t heard back she contacted me. It had vanished into the internet ether. Ah well, I knuckled down and got it done in a day and a half and now the pressure is off. : )