Humphrey Reviews Christmas Star

I worked late on Friday night, playing catch up. I was alerted to the shuffle of Humphrey’s little paws, and glanced up to see him bleary-eyed and wearing only his boxer shorts. It was so undignified. I think I gasped. It was so unlike my dear, old-fashioned, and very British bear. He normally thinks of himself as the Hugh Heffner of bears and wears pajamas and a smoking jacket. (You know the look, it kind of goes with the stogies and the whiskey.)

“I can’t sleep,” he said. “I’ve tossed and turned and counted sheep. Bloody sheep. Nothing is working.”

“Don’t cuss, Humphrey. And seriously, you went to bed with the chickens tonight. It’s only eight o’clock.”

“I was tired.”

More like bored, I thought, but resisted commenting. “I’ve got the perfect thing for you. My LARA pal, author, Christine Ashworth, has a new novella, Christmas Star. It just came out today, and I read it this afternoon. Here’s the blurb:

After a whirlwind courtship and surprise proposal, makeup artist Elle Houston is in a fairytale setting, awaiting her Christmas Eve wedding to a movie star. But when the resort’s chef starts cooking, Elle finds that more than her appetite is being tempted, and she realizes just how wrong fairytales can be…

So what do you think? You do like Christmas stories.”

 “On the Kindle is it?”

TheChristmasStar_temp“Yes. Get yourself a drink and go curl up in the chair, or climb back into bed. I’ve got some more work to do.”

“A very attractive cover. I’ll put on my Christmas socks and sit in the recliner,” Humphrey said and wandered away, already reading.

humph 001

Two hours later Humphrey touched my elbow and scared the heck out of me.

“You were right. A lovely story,” he said. “And the perfect length.”

Once I could speak, I croaked, “You’re finished already?”

He yawned loudly. “Yes. And here’s what I liked, no spoilers of course. I loved the characters. I also loved the heroine’s distress. How she worked through her situation, not willing to allow glitz and glamour to sway her. It was a lovely story about soul-mates. Like I’ve always said, “when you know, you know.” He yawned noisily again. “Any cocoa? I think that would let me drift off like a baby.”

I nodded. “Two hot chocolates coming right up, Humph.” I’d been craving some all evening.

“FIVE paws. Tell Christine, FIVE paws,” Humphrey called out as he scurried toward the kitchen.

Christmas Star is available at all the usual places. Here is a link to the Amazon page:

BIO: Christine Ashworth grew up listening to the sound of her father’s manual typewriter as he wrote and sold over 300 novels. Now, to her delight, she’s the one writing novels. But as her dad is still writing away, she’s got some major catching up to do. Christine is a romantic from way back, having first picked up Harlequin romances at the age of twelve, then falling in love with bigger books when she swiped her mother’s copy of Rosemary Rogers’ Sweet Savage Love. She’s happily married to an actor/dancer/guitarist/hippy, has two sons, and tends to her garden and her family in southern California. You can read about her cooking, gardening, and wine picks at her website at

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16 Responses to Humphrey Reviews Christmas Star

  1. Aw. I’m so glad Humphrey liked it! Give him a snuggle from me. Thanks, Robena!

  2. I have bought and downloaded this one, now must make time to read a lovely story. Yay, Humphrey – you fount of good taste! I always trust your recommendations.

  3. Just bought it, Robena and Christine. Looks like a wonderful story. I shared on Facebook too. Thank you Humphrey, for spreading the news!

  4. robena grant says:

    Humphrey said thanks for the shoutout, Charlene. ; ) Seriously, you’ll enjoy this story. I thought Christine got some great tension into her novella. I don’t write short, never have, so I’m thinking that is hard to do when you’re limited by word count.

    • Robena, I just finished an Online Read for HQ. Talk about short, each chapter is 500 words and has to end with some sort of cliffhanger. It’ was a fun challenge, 10,000 words in all. So Christine’s novella will seem like War and Peace! And probably much better!

  5. Sam Beck says:

    Christmas Star is on my Kindle. I may have to put off reading until the holidays, but I don’t care. I’m looking forward to it. (Even more now that I know Humphrey gives it 5 paws)!

    • robena grant says:

      Thanks for coming by, Samanthe. This story will definitely put you in the mood for the holidays. But I enjoyed it now.

      I know this is a busy day for you too. Congrats! on your new release! I have Light Her Fire on my Kindle, and look forward to the read. May be a bit too hot for old Humphrey. ; )

  6. JL Hammer says:

    As usual Humphrey is entertaining. I’m looking forward to reading Christmas Star.

  7. robena grant says:

    Thanks for coming by, JL. Hope all is going well for you. Make sure you have hot chocolate handy before you crack open the book. Oh, and some Christmas cookies would be nice too. : )

  8. Marie Miller says:

    Thanks Humphrey for the ‘bear-grunt-honey’ of a review. Do you like that Humphrey….’bear-grunt-honey’ review? It goes with the whole attitude. Will be heading out for hot chocolate and Christmas Star. Thanks Humphrey and take care of yourself!

  9. Julie says:

    I’ll put on my Christmas socks ….”

    He really is my favorite reviewer-bear.