Writing Pains

Dunce Holding Paper Money ca. 2001

Writing pains, writing pains,

Writing all day long

Oh, what fun it is to write,

Even if it’s wrong.



Oh, writing pains, writing pains,MP900402508[1]

scribbling all night long

How’s your character, how’s your plot?

You’ll sell it for a song.



Garden Path Leading to BuildingOh, writing pains, writing pains,

What do I have to prove?

It’s not like it’s a painting

Sure to end up in the Louvre.



Oh, writing pains, writing pains,                  book launch 005

I’ll give it my best shot.

I think I’ll write a romance,

And I’ll make it hot, hot, hot.


*Ahhhh, no you won’t!* *Get out of here!* *What’s all that noise?*

*Have some figgy pudding!*

Figgy Pudding.

Figgy Pudding.


To all of my writing buddies, and the amazing people who buy and read what we write, it’s a pleasure to know you.

Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Happy Holidays!

May the joys of the season bring you a little bit of happy everything!

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16 Responses to Writing Pains

  1. Very cute, Roben! Happy holidays and best wishes in the new year!! <3

  2. Marge says:

    That was so cute. Just sang along with the jingle bell tune. Maybe you should try song writing in addition to your terrific creative writing.

  3. Dee J. says:

    LOL. Nicely done! You’ve put me in the holiday mood. A Merry and Happy to you and your family!

  4. That put a big smile on my face! Thanks for sharing this year with me, writing buddy!


    • robena grant says:

      And thank you, Nicci. I love our TWRP group so much. One day we’ll all get together in person instead of meeting online. Wishing you a warm and wonderful Christmas.

  5. It’s a pleasure to know you, too. 🙂
    “Sell it for a song” – you got that right!
    Enjoyed the jingle and the sentiment. May 2015 pay us what we’re worth. LOL like that will ever happen.
    Happy Holidays to you and yours.

  6. robena grant says:

    Hey, Lynne. Wouldn’t it be nice to be paid appropriately? We can only dream. 🙂 Wishing you a wonderful Christmas!

  7. Happy holidays, Robena. And thanks for writing books I really enjoy reading!

  8. Sam Beck says:

    Robena, you crack me up! Thanks for enduring your writing pains to bring us more fun, sexy adventures in 2015. 😉

    Happy Holidays

  9. Liz Flaherty says:

    Good job! Happy holidays to you!