Nice Things

What strange energy I experienced this past few days. It felt like I’d been lifted off the ground and was swirling around in a whirlpool, maybe a tornado? I’d been promoting and marketing for my latest book, Corsica Gate, and the energy shifted on Friday when Dr. Sheldon Cooper followed me on twitter. I love Sheldon, from The Big Bang Theory. I know it’s probably only one of 20 minions working for him, but still I see that bright orange bazinga tee-shirt and it makes me smile. It’s nice that Sheldon follows me. 🙂

The day progressed with exercise, marketing, shopping for gifts, and then back home to clean up for happy hour at the Sandbar. Tina Cunard was organizing birthday parties for two of our friends.100_1658 I checked email, there was one from an author from my writing chapter. She will soon be published with the same publishing house as me, and she wanted to take me to lunch to pick my brain on marketing. Me? What do I know? Hmmm, maybe enough. I said yes. Then an hour later I get another email from another author who had an offer from my publisher and she asked for some advice. It’s nice to share knowledge. 🙂

The next morning I got a call from my daughter. She said I should not drive up and back to L.A. on Sunday but jump in the car and head up to spend a few nights. She wanted help with shopping for household items. I tossed clothes together, ran to the bank, and filled up the car with gas. We walked our legs off with shopping. That night I got an email from the marketing director at The Wild Rose Press. They had two offers from narrators to create an audio version of Unlock the Truth.UnLocktheTruth_w7273_300 (2)

That was my first book published with them. I had a decision to make as this would require an extended contract. I was tickled pink…happy Valentine’s day! I figured I’d never self-publish this book once rights were reverted. I can barely understand technology now, and by the time I got the rights back I’d be 70 years old. Ha ha. And it’s the opportunity to market to an entirely different group…so yeah, a no-brainer. It’s nice that they think my story is worthy. 🙂

I listened to both the female and the male narrator’s samples and really liked the man’s voice. I emailed back saying to send the contract, and asked now where is the film option? Ha ha. The next morning I went to the LARA chapter meeting where my pal Lynne Marshall (in green, seated next to Dee J. Adams)100_1640gave a fabulous workshop on writing despicable characters. Then I met up with both of the authors who had questions. I talked. I was treated to a lovely lunch, and I talked a lot more. When I got home my daughter was rearing to go again. More shopping. Then she took care of dinner. My son came over and got out my laptop and my video camera and started giving me tutorials and advice about updating my equipment. Even though he was sweet and patient, I kept getting the message that it is no longer 2010. Okay! But hey, I’m old, my brain is fried. Slow down. It’s nice to have kids who care. 🙂

This morning I drove home, and it was a quiet way to end my whirlwind weekend. Two hours of absolute peace. 🙂 But would I change anything? No way. For once I felt like I had something to offer, something to give back, and that I’d taken another of those tiny steps forward in this crazy world of writing for publication.

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10 Responses to Nice Things

  1. Roben – you have SO MUCH to give back. Lucky ladies that you shared it with, and I’m glad a free lunch was involved. Also, nice way to get your exercise. Knowing that long drive down to your neck of the woods, I get what you mean about those couple hours of peace, as long as there aren’t any jerks sharing the road with you. LOL.
    Now I’ve got to break my habit of stopping at Hadley’s for a banana, date shake on the drive home. 🙂
    Really exited for you about the audible version of your first book. Yay!

  2. Kady Winter says:

    Sounds like a lovely weekend, Roben, and how lucky we are to have someone as generous as you to share your wisdom with Chapter mates. Your support has meant the world to me as I plunge into this crazy world of writing.

    • robena grant says:

      Thank you, Kady. I often think my marketing and promotional skills are more like being blindfolded and trying to pin the tail on the donkey. But if anyone ever wants me to share my techniques I’m more than happy to do so. 🙂

  3. Janie Emaus says:

    Such wonderful news and such great kids! Sorry I missed yesterday’s meeting. BTW, I may need to pick your marketing brain!

  4. robena grant says:

    Missed seeing you too, Janie. And any time, not that my marketing brain is all that sharp. 🙂

  5. Speaking as one of the lucky ones who got to learn from you this weekend, thank you for sharing so much of your time and wisdom with me. You taught me a lot in such a short time and it was so much fun!

  6. robena grant says:

    You are welcome, Allison. And thank you for the lovely lunch. After a while you do things on automatic pilot, so talking with you about marketing and promotion raised my own awareness. That’s always a good thing. 😉

  7. I am pushing 79, and I started this writing thing only a couple of years ago so, between my wip, online workshops, learning to use the technology effectively to make it all happen, I could claim to be over-the-hill-tired. However, I won’t because I want to be a published author before I hit my 80th birthday. (I can try!) So, don’t give me this “old, my brain is fried” stuff.
    I just know you have to be much younger than I am.
    Okay–seriously, I loved reading your blog for the first time (I have just joined LARA) and I can’t wait to read Corsica Gate–as starters.
    I love Romance, Mystery,and Magic–not necessarily in that order.

  8. robena grant says:

    That is awesome, Elaine. Good for you! Writing is definitely something you can do well into the golden years. Yep, I’m 67 this year and I like to joke about getting published the same year I applied for Medicare. Three books out that year, and that was a lot of work.
    The writing is the easy part for me, it’s dealing with the rapidly changing technology that nearly does me in. It’s like a foreign language. Or, if I’ve skimmed over one aspect and then tried to learn something new it’s like doing a jigsaw puzzle with five major pieces missing. 🙂
    I’m happy you joined LARA. It’s a fabulous group of ladies of all ages, writing in all genres. You’re going to love it. Hope you enjoy Corsica Gate, and thanks for reading it!