It Must be March

As some of you know, I had a friend pass away this month. I took to my couch and read, which is typical of me with grief. We all grieve in different ways. I always shut the door and lower the shades. It‘s also the month that my great nephew Josh died in a tragic accident three years ago, at the tender age of eighteen. So, March. Not my favorite month.

On Friday, I finally came out of my slump and sent out some emails. I also learned my next romantic suspense titled Ring Me Later, will release on April 8, 2015. RingMeLater_w9631_300I had to knuckle down and do some work setting up future promotions. My heart wasn’t in it and my mind kept wandering. In the midst of replying to an email from my friend, author, Lynne Marshall, my computer froze. I worked with it for an hour or so doing a hard boot, but nothing. Every time I got back into email it froze again. Around 11pm I called Norton antivirus. The first guy played around but couldn’t fix it. He transferred me. It was now past midnight. The next guy spoke better English and was less testy. He tried. He failed. But he didn’t give up. Finally, at 1:45 a.m. the computer was up and running. Yay! I went to bed exhausted only to be awoken by tree trimmers at 7:30 a.m. On a Saturday!!!! MP900402508[1]

I dragged my sorry ass out of bed, drank a few cups of coffee and went to the gym to work out. I felt strange. Disoriented, shaky, my chest cramped. I left the gym and came home to crash on the couch convinced I was having a heart attack (I think it was supercharged caffiene with not much food.) I was almost asleep when the phone rang. I have a new land line and it has a computerized announcement that says: Call from, plays weird music, repeats three times. The voice is female and she sounds either high, or lacking from sleep. Kind of like me. She says each word very slowly. An example would be: Call from Rob-eee-na Grant, music, call from Rob-eee-na Grant, music. Sometimes it just says the phone number, or unknown, or the city the call is placed from. I like it, because if I’m working, or on the other side of the house, I know if it’s important enough to hurry to pick up. If I’m watching TV and it says: Call from Baker, Ca, prounced C-Aye. I know not to pick up, because they call three times a day. What is with that?

Anyway, this call was: Call from, Jees-us Christ, music, call from Jees-us Christ, music, etc., I jumped up, figuring I’d misheard and wandered out to look at the caller ID. 001Sure enough that’s exactly what it said. See I don’t make these things up. 🙂 He lives in Iowa, in case you wondered. I covered the phone number so you wouldn’t be tempted. 😉 I did not call back. I wasn’t certain if he was calling for sinners, saints, or souls, but either way, I’m on his list. Just sayin’.

And you know what?  My chest discomfort immediately improved. So Jesus, or Heysoos, if you’re looking for me, I’ve gone shopping.

How is your March shaping up?

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23 Responses to It Must be March

  1. Hi! Saw the link on LARA. I’m sorry about your losses, but I have to say that phone call is awesome. I’m so glad you got a picture of it! 😀 Hope everything improves from here on in.

  2. Congratulations on the upcoming release of RING ME LATER! Maybe Jesus was calling to say, “Get through dismal March–with all its pains, both petty and profound–and I promise there are better things waiting on the horizon.” 🙂

  3. Charlene says:

    Hi Robena. Sending March hugs and love to you. Crazy things are happening but maybe, and I am hoping and praying, things will turn out well for the rest of the entire year. You got an email from Jesus after all. And not too many of us can say that!

  4. robena grant says:

    Thanks, Charlene. And my trusty camera shows proof. Ha ha.

  5. Too funny, Robena! If Jesus called me, I’d pick up!

    Now, regarding your heart attack. I meant to tell you that the day I left your place, I’d had a few cups of your coffee, and Deanne as my witness, I had the exact same reaction. I thought I had low blood sugar and needed to eat something immediately. She suggested I pull over. Yup, that’s when we saw Hadley’s and I got some water and that banana date shake.

    I think your coffee may be really strong, and a cup is fine, but two or more (which I’d had) may be lethal! LOL Cut back, I say.

    Excited for your next release, and sorry for your losses.

    Lynne (did I ever get the e-mail reply?)

    • robena grant says:

      Oops! Sorry about my lethal brew, Lynne. I guess I do need to cut back, or add in some decaf. 🙂 And you are so funny, that you’d pick up if Jesus called. That’s why I put a post-it note over the number just in case anyone was tempted. Ha ha. And yes, I did respond the next day to your email.

  6. Gina B. says:

    Hi Robena,

    LOL. I can hear your caller ID in my head and it’s pretty funny. 😀 Now THAT’S a call you don’t get every day… I’m hoping the rest of March is better, and April will be exciting with the release of your new book. I love the cover! 🙂

  7. robena grant says:

    It was definitely strange to hear that voice, Gina. 🙂 Then when I saw the caller ID I was highly amused. Thanks. I’m glad you like the cover. I do, too!

  8. Alison Henderson says:

    I’m so sorry about your March, so far, but I do love the cover of your new book! We must have the same phone system, because our landline does the exact same thing, in the exact voice you describe. I can just hear “her” saying Jees-us Christ! LOL

    • robenagrant says:

      Thanks for coming by, Alison. Yeah, that phone can be great and it can be a royal pain, but you know exactly what it must have sounded like. 🙂

  9. Dee J. says:

    So sorry for your loss, Robena. I think I tend to do something similar as far as crawling into a book for solace. I do love that Jesus called right when you might’ve needed him. I might’ve answered the phone with something like… “This is Moses, can I help you?” Or… maybe not. LOL.

  10. Robena says:

    That would be funny, Dee J. I think this JC was looking for money. 🙂

  11. Hi Robena, I’m sorry for your loss. I felt goosebumps rising as I read the rest of the post. Best of luck with sales. Joanne 🙂

  12. Janie Emaus says:

    Congrats on your new release. For me, March has rushed in and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to slow down until after the conference.

  13. Affirming for you that the rest of March, things can only get better. So glad Jesus called to tell you that.
    So happy your new book is out in April. I have 14th of April or The 28th of April or March 31 open on my blog, if you would like to blog. If you have a giveaway, that’s even better. I find those get more attention.

    • robenagrant says:

      Thanks for coming by Susan, and for the offer of a blog promo post. I’ll be in touch. (Currently out of town for a funeral and working on a strange computer.)

  14. Tanya Hanson says:

    Oh Robena, I am so sorry for your losses. My son’s best friend died from a brain tumor a few months ago and I still keep thinking I’ll wake up from a bad dream.

    And grumble grumble, trees aren’t supposed to be trimmed when birds are starting to build nests. Grrrr.

    I cannot wait for Ring Me Later. The cover itself drives me crazy…my writing room is decorated London-y.

    Hugs to you and oh, Abraham Lincoln has followed me on twitter. I guess we hand with the great ones.

  15. robenagrant says:

    I love that AL follows you on twitter. 🙂 Thanks for coming by Tanya. I love that cover too, but will have to post a blurb and excerpt next week to explain it. I thing it’s giving the impression that it’s a London based story whereas it’s a London connection story. I shall explain. Soon. 🙂