Let’s Play Oooh Jack

Want to play a game? It’s a clean game…well, depending on your thoughts it’s a clean game. 🙂

The license plate read: Oooh Jack. I was immediately intrigued.

It happened last week, as I drove up to L.A. In front of me was a new shiny black Mercedes sports car with that license plate. I got to playing around with completing the Oooh Jack sentence, keeping in mind my hero and the sub-genre of romance. Then I tried other sub-genres, and my erotica sentences were steamy. Maybe I missed my calling? Anyway, before I knew it, I was passing through Pasadena having totally entertained myself.

The hero of my next novel, Ring Me Later, is Jack Barron. His license plate is 1Baron. He’s got a real sweet tooth. 😉 This is romantic suspense. Here’s an excerpt (except of course for the Oooh Jack sentence): RingMeLater_200

 “Oooh Jack, not another donut!”

“Perfection,” he said with his mouth full, and then he closed his eyes and chewed.

He sensed something and turned. Lisa stood in the doorway an icy stare directed at him. He licked at the dribble of raspberry on his bottom lip, stuffed the rest of the donut in his mouth and hurried to clean his sticky fingers.

Now it’s your turn. Finish the sentence: Oooh Jack… . Or use the hero’s name from your latest book. Give me the title. Tell me the sub-genre. Add a couple of sentences from your story if you like. If the story is currently available supply a link (’cause we might want to purchase it.) Or use this prompt to stimulate your muse and think up a whole new idea for another story.

**Ring Me Later is available now for pre-order with a special introductory price. The release date is April 8th.

Here is the blurb:

A second chance at romance turns deadly.

Jack Barron is a reclusive, billionaire, hotelier who never got over his first love. Lisa Carpenter moved to London to escape him and his obsession with money. After five years, Lisa returns to Los Angeles to work in public relations at a medical center. She’s certain their paths won’t cross but they do…almost immediately. Forced into working together, because of a multi-million dollar grant, she must keep her wits about her. Jack wants to redeem himself; Lisa wants respect. He’s advancing; she’s retreating.

As her heart warms to him, she becomes embroiled in a web of deceit that ensures someone will gain billions. Lisa is being stalked. There is arson at Jack’s Arizona resort spa. A wealthy Broadway producer is trying to buy the spa. And the paparazzi are having a field day with Jack’s return to the social scene.

Thanks for playing! 

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4 Responses to Let’s Play Oooh Jack

  1. Hi Robena,

    Gotta love vanity plates! I’ve never written a Jack, but I like the sound of yours. How can I resist a billionaire donut lover? 😉

  2. Hi Roben! Oooh, Jack, you sexy devil. That was the first thing to come mind. LOL Not too exciting. But in my head… hee hee

    I love how you entertained yourself on the road. And I like the sound of your Jack, too!

  3. robena grant says:

    Ha ha. My Jack said that works for him. 😉 Thanks for dropping by, Robin.