Catching Up

Release week for any new book is always a whirlwind affair. We do promotion and marketing and constantly check our book’s rating on the various sites. And we cross our fingers, pray to the universe, snack often, forget to breathe deeply, even though we know we have no control over these matters. It seldom varies, so, happy book birthday to Ring Me Later, a romantic suspense with a London connection.RingMeLater_w9631_300

We spend a lot of time on social media, and it’s draining. I think of it as being the honored guest at a weeklong dinner party where the focus is on you, questions are about you and your work, and you have to look nice, behave well, and be “up” and positive. And you try to achieve that without hitting people over the head with the “buy my book” line.

My usual Monday morning post is simply to say:

Tuesday, April 14th: I’ve been interviewed by the lovely Susan Berger. She asks interesting questions. I really got a kick out of doing this one. If you want to check it out:

Also, there is a giveaway of either a print edition of Ring Me Later, or an eBook, and a gift card. It’s a Rafflecopter entry.

Friday, April 17th: I’m a guest blogger at Contemporary Romance, and this is a craft discussion on Writing the Antagonist: The Good, Bad, Ugly and Real. Drop on by and leave a comment. It will be greatly appreciated.

That’s it folks! Happy Monday!

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