Fun with Food

I picked up a friend who was in town for the week, and we went to lunch. That’s always a fun thing to do. However, in the day or two after having decided on the restaurant, Tommy Bahamas, in Palm Desert, I began thinking about my favorite lunch. I adore their crab cakes, and I often share a piece of key lime pie if my lunch partner is into sweets. They make their own pies, and they are scrumptious. Rarely do I order anything different. Strange isn’t it? This is a shot from the restaurant’s upstairs terrace.
100_1271Another favorite restaurant in the desert is The Jackalope Ranch. I love their coconut shrimp. And at Stuffed Crust Pizza, almost always it’s either the salmon with brown rice, or the Cobb salad. Then The Sandbar always has the most delicious and fun finger foods for happy hour. The dinner menu is terrific too.  100_1658

Why can I not be more adventurous with food? Is it a control thing? I’ve found something that I like, that agrees with my aging digestive system, and knowing that, I refrain from change. Or is it a memory? Knowing the food I’ve enjoyed in the past, my salivary glands start working, my taste buds are on alert, and my brain is saying this one, pick this one.

At home I prepare simple meals. Chicken on the George Forman grill, fish, this is one of my delicious meals. 😉salmon 002 I make a lot of vegetables, salads, a favorite gluten free three cheese pizza with roma tomatoes that I pick up from Trader Joe’s— I always burn the roof of my mouth on it, because of the burning hot tomato—and I rarely have dessert. You’d think with my bland at home diet I could learn to stretch and be more adventurous when dining out.

Guess what? My friend and I split the fish sandwich. It was huge, and delicious, and we shared a piece of key lime pie. Maybe there is hope for me yet. Ha ha. Oh, and we had such a good time, talking non-stop, that I forgot to take the usual photos, so I apologize for these recycled ones. And now that I’m about to head of to NYC I keep thinking about my favorite restaurant on the Upper East Side. It isn’t near the hotel, but if it isn’t too humid and sticky I might pop into a cab and go visit. I already know what I’d order.

What about you? Do you highly anticipate your meal when going out to dine? Do you always order the same old same old?

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8 Responses to Fun with Food

  1. I don’t eat out very often, so tend to go with a restaurant I haven’t tried before. When I do repeat visit, I try a new dish or a daily special. Thanks for making me think about being in a rut and ways to move on!

  2. Liz Flaherty says:

    I’m an adventurer when we eat out–though sometimes it doesn’t work out well and I end up going home and eating popcorn. There are times, though–my husband had knee surgery a few weeks back and in the two and a half days he was in the hospital, I ate at least three pieces of lemon meringue pie from the hospital cafeteria. I’m not a sweets person but it was wonderful!

  3. Allison Morse says:

    The majority of time I get what I got before. I think, as you also wrote, that I choose a particular restaurant because I’m craving and/or anticipating a certain thing–like Key Lime pie. Yum! However, there are times I do get something completely different. There is then about 50% chance it will truly satisfy. But when it does, it is all the more glorious because it expands the taste buds and now I’ll have something new to crave.

    • robena grant says:

      Darn! You are all way to daring. Ha ha. I guess I don’t trust much and prefer to go with the tried and true, although that crispy fish sandwich with cucumbers and an interesting dressing was fabulous. I even ate half the french fries, which I tend to avoid. Not one stomach or gallbladder issue! 🙂

  4. Gina B. says:

    I like being adventurous, but once I find something that is absolute perfection at a certain restaurant, I tend to order it again and again. It’s awfully risking ordering something else after you’ve found the absolute perfect dish. Sometimes I’ll try something new and end up disappointed, and the next time I’ll go right back to my favorite entrée. 🙂

    • robena grant says:

      Ah, finally. Someone on my side of the fence. Ha ha. Thanks for coming by, Gina. I’m so bad, I start to salivate on the drive to the restaurant.