Re-Cap of RWA 2015

This was an interesting conference for me. I registered late and couldn’t make it into either of the hotels that RWA had secured for us. My daughter found a small hotel a quarter of a block’s walk away from the Marriott. The rooms were small but efficient, clean, and attractive. There was a continental breakfast, a room for coffee and tea available twenty-four seven, even though there was a small coffee pot in the room. There was a room safe, a nice sized TV, a desk and leather office chair, and the bed and pillows were comfortable. All for exactly half of what I would have paid for the conference hotel, and on the plus side, I got exercise walking back and forth. Weighed myself this morning, and I’m only up one pound. *wink*

It was interesting being out in the mass of people and I saw sites that caused many a double-take. Unfortunately I did not take photos, as being a woman alone I would not stop to get my phone out of my purse. I walked like a New Yorker not a tourist: purse tight to body, long strides, no eye contact. However, I was fascinated when waiting for the lights to change on 7th and 46th, listening to the many voices, all speaking different languages, all excited. I do admit that I slowed my step on several occasions. Here is the view from our table in the bar: 

I lunched and dined with old friends.IMG_0588

I had an appointment with Sheila Hodgson from Harlequin Mills and Boon Medical line, and she did ask for me to submit the full manuscript, my first medical romance. We shall see. I also learned that my first book with The Wild Rose Press, Unlock the Truth, which has been slated for reprint with Amazon Encore, will be released on September 15th. So that’s cool.

IMG_0626There was a Golden Heart Network retreat, a full day of meeting many friends old and new, listening to industry professionals and then a fabulous lunch. Our own group, the Firebirds had another lunch at John’s Pizzeria. Always fun to catch up with these ladies. I also took both of the amazing Jenny Crusie workshops, and had the added bonus of sitting with her for an hour chatting about books, movies, and television series.


Jenny being introduced, but too far away. Unfortunately my good photos were taken on other’s iPhones.IMG_0598

The awards ceremony was lovely, but I didn’t mingle later. Being at the hotel up the road I knew I needed to get back home before it got too late. Walking alone, in heels and holding an evening purse, and being of the silver-haired crowd, is probably not the wisest. But I never felt uncomfortable, even late at night.

In truth, I can’t say I did a lot of anything really important, however, my intent had been to network, and although not staying at the same hotel did have some disadvantages, I managed to achieve my goals.

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8 Responses to Re-Cap of RWA 2015

  1. Thea says:

    Important: with this post detailing your adventures, you made us feel closer to being there ourselves. Thank you.

  2. robena grant says:

    Thanks for coming by, Thea, and for your comments. I thought I’d written a post before leaving and woke this morning after a long day of travel and getting in two hours later than expected, to find I’d written nothing. So I dashed this off. I’ll do better next week. 😉

  3. I appreciate the close up view also. Thanks Robena. And it sounds like you had fun. Fun is always good.

  4. robena grant says:

    Hi, Judy. I’m such a geek, the highlight of the five day event was sitting and talking personally with Jenny. I’m such a fan and, I swear nobody has taught me as much about writing as Jenny. Fingers crossed we get another book from her soon. 🙂

    • I am a Jenny fangirl and longing for another book. I hesitate to say much about it in her blog or anything cause I hate for her to feel pressured. But between you and me – she needs to put out another book! I need more Jenny.
      I bet it was thrilling to sit and talk with her. Lucky you. And not only is she a good teacher, she is so very generous with her teaching.
      I went to hear Susan Elizabeth Phillips and get a book signed last night. She is wonderful, too; so funny and so gracious.

      • robena grant says:

        Hi, Judy. I know, I’d love another book. It was lovely to sit and talk with Jenny, and I’m hoping this first small step of getting back to RWA and having the chance to be welcomed by her peers and fans will give her the boost needed to get the book done. She looked terrific! Also, I heard SEP speak a few years ago. She was a delight.

  5. Always good to read a recap of the conference. Only once I stayed at a hotel separate from the RWA conference, it was in San Francisco, and it kept me feeling a little out of the loop. Plus I had to walk by a long line of homeless people who gathered along the sidewalks around all of the big hotels. It definitely puts a different feel to the whole thing.
    Glad you came away with the important things like submission requests, and time well spent with important people. Must be nice to have the GH retreat. Very special.
    Oh, and I must comment that I loved seeing a comment from a lady named Thea – especially since my granddaughter’s name is Thea.
    Beautiful and unique name.

  6. robena grant says:

    Not being in the conference hotel certainly does make a difference, Lynne. I’d received a message from Kim/Kate asking what I was up to. I’d been out to dinner and then gone straight back to my hotel. If I’d been staying at the MM I would have said meet you in the bar. But yes, good stuff happened. Oh, and Thea is indeed a lovely name. 🙂