Are You an Avid Reader?

I returned home from the recent RWA Conference in NYC, having been super careful not to overload my luggage with books. I’m used to traveling light these days and most of my reading is done on Kindle. But I love the feel and smell of a print book. I love to run my hands over the cover. Turning down offers for free books is so hard for this gal to do, but I did it. I came home with only six books, one of those was the book I’d taken with me and hadn’t had time to finish. NY is a busy, busy place, and I spent a lot of time socializing. Here is a photo of my stash:

books from rwa 002

Now you’d think I’d pace myself, right. No way! I was like a kid in a candy store. Each story was different, each really well written. Each served a different purpose. One I read all day and night because I felt off color. I’d stretch out on the couch, move to the recliner, back to the couch, and finally to bed. Two of the shorter books I read in one late afternoon early evening after spending the day re-organizing closets. One night I went to bed at seven-thirty (true) and read until about two a.m. One of the books had five hundred and fifty pages, and two others came in at a little over four hundred pages. I finished the last one yesterday. Two weeks, six books, that’s not bad. I don’t watch much television and I stop working most days by about 5pm. That leaves quality reading time. Tonight I’ll have to order something from Amazon because I am all out of reading material. I’m sure it will feel strange to go back to reading on the Kindle.

Now if I can remember to do it, I’ll take this stack of books to my chapter meeting and give them to someone who did not attend conference this year. Now what about you? What are your favorite reads? Do you favor print or eBooks?

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6 Responses to Are You an Avid Reader?

  1. I have about 50 books (including Gone Tropical) on my computer, but find it difficult to read at my desk (I don’t have an e-reader). That’s why I haunt my local library, bringing home a big stack of books each time. I often read a book a day, believing that’s a healthier habit than eating apples!

  2. robena grant says:

    Thanks for coming by, Ashantay. And huge thanks for having Gone Tropical on your computer. And I agree, a book a day keeps the doctor away! 😉

  3. I envy your reading! I love to read, but am a slow reader, and I grow restless way too quickly, so I often put books down to do other things, then get back to it later.

    I really wish I could read a book in one sitting, but other than having to do it for my own books with edits etc., I can’t remember reading a book in one after, ever! lol

  4. robena grant says:

    I haven’t always read this much, Lynne. I think I began doing this when I moved to the desert. We shall see what happens when I move back to the city! 🙂

  5. Julie says:

    I ended up being “gifted” an e-reader. Gotta say, it’s pretty damn convenient! I can totally see the attraction.

    Still mostly read books from the library, though. (Yes, my local branch does have on-line selections, too. I’m just getting that figured out.)

  6. Robena Grant says:

    Thanks for dropping by, Julie. You’ll have fun with your eReader. I went a bit nuts at first with mine and ordered everything that sounded good…until the bill came. 😀 Now I read the sample chapters on Amazon and only order if I’m hooked.