Falling Off the Writing Horse

I’m back in the saddle again after having toppled off the writing horse some weeks back. Well, in truth, it was more like being tossed from a bucking bronco. I hate when that happens, but often (for me anyway) it’s that life intervenes and my poor little brain can only handle so much. Life gets busy and I worry a lot, work hard at other things, feel generally out of sorts, and always, always, wonder what is wrong.

Cowboy Rounding Up Wild Horses

Now that the worst of my pre-move packing and sorting is done, and the development where I live has completed the grading of common areas, installing desert landscape, the yearly scalping of the grasses, oh, and the roads—those have been freshly slurried—a lull has settled over the community. That is as disruptive for me as all of the noise and activity. On Friday, I wondered what on earth I should do with myself. It seemed I couldn’t settle to anything.

By Saturday the WIP (work in progress…you know, that stalled manuscript) was dragged out. I read through the 20K already written, and toyed with doing NaNoWriMo (write a novel in rough draft during the month of November) but the ruling is you’re supposed to start with something new. I decided to do my version, which is to write something every single day no matter what is going on in my life, but I won’t register for the NaNo event. If I stick to my goal I’ll be a winner in my own eyes.

Yesterday, Sunday morning, November 1, I awoke early and headed out to make coffee. Within thirty minutes I’d opened my file and started writing. After two hours, barely realizing the passing of time, I knew I was back. I’d become invigorated, smiling, feeling a strong sense of self-satisfaction. Whatever had pulled me away from the writing was gone, my unhappiness was lifted, and by that simple act of creating story my energy level had risen.

?????????????????November is a brand spanking new month.

My sleeves are rolled up, and I’m so darn happy.

Now where is that horse?

I have more words to write.

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12 Responses to Falling Off the Writing Horse

  1. Nan says:

    So hear you on this one, Roben! I’ve been off my horse for several months, but it wasn’t a bucking bronco kind of “off,” it was more a slow slide from the saddle. I want to get back on, I do–but how does life get in the way so very badly? I’m starting something new…we’ll see… baby, I’m glad you’re back in saddle!

    • robena grant says:

      It’s so easy to do, Nan. We keep telling ourselves we’ll write tomorrow, or at the weekend, and the weeks can slip on by. Now I’m not allowed to leave the house until words are written. New rule! Ha ha.

  2. Great to know you’re back in the saddle. Does this mean you’re writing another western story? 😉
    I find my brain gets backed up when I don’t write for a period of time. If I don’t tend to it, my brain get discombobulated with overlapping stories. Drives me nuts until I start to write things down. Which makes me worry about ever being able to retire from this writing game?
    Good luck with your personal brand of NaNoWriMo, I know you’ll meet your goal!

    • robena grant says:

      Thanks, Lynne. I know what you mean, because I had this brain fog where stories were overlapping, merging, and dreams were super confused. It finally hit me that I was out of sorts because I wasn’t being creative. Back to my daily words. 😉

  3. Robena, so glad you figured out what was wrong…so you’ll know the next time the fog hits. Seems like I’ve been editing forever…two books…and my fear is that I don’t have anything new to write about for the next book. But as you said, once I sit down and ‘start!’…I’ll be okay. As you know we’ve been in Europe for going on two months…lots of ideas here, but also lots to see and absorb…don’t want to short-shrift that aspect. And now with my brother-in-law visiting in Spain…well, you know, when you have guests, carving out the writing time is tricky. You’ve made me realize I really need to start on something new to get the juices going. Thanks for the nudge!

    • robena grant says:

      Hi Rolynn, I’ve envied you your European tour. 🙂 It must be extremely hard to focus on writing while the brain is filling up with wonderful sites, making great memories, and providing for terrific adventures. I’m sure you will have filled the well with ideas for years to come. It seems hard to get back in the saddle, but seriously, all it takes is one day of determination and the muscle memory takes over. 😉

  4. cindy says:

    Robena, much as I dislike that you had to go through that, I am reassured by having read your story. Something similar happened to me recently and I was totally caught off guard because for once I wasn’t busy with other things. I just had no motivation to write. It was scary since that had never happened to me before. So thanks for posting. It’s good to feel less alone. The way I got “back in the saddle” was to deliberately not write my novel for two weeks. By the end of that time I was chomping at the bit to get going again. And I started a new book November 1. Yes, doing NaNo. It has helped me get back to a structure before and it’s doing the job again. Whew!

  5. robena grant says:

    I hadn’t realized you weren’t writing, Cindy, but what a super idea to NOT allow yourself to start. We always want what we can’t have. 😉 Good luck with NaNoWriMo. I’ve written each day and it feels so darn good!.

  6. It’s hard when you “can’t settle to something.” That’s a good way of putting it. That’s why I love November. It’s like an excuse to write a book. I just love it. I’m so glad you are happily writing again!

  7. robena grant says:

    Yep, it is, Nicci. I’m glad to say I wrote about five pages today. Yay! Glad you’re doing NaNoWriMo.

  8. Good for you. And, of course, good for us – more Robena to read.

  9. robena grant says:

    Hey, thanks, Judy! Good to hear from you.
    I just received the mock-up for the cover of Bachelor Island. I’ll post the finished product when it comes in. Should release in Spring 2016.