Breakfast with Bogie

A couple of days before Thanksgiving I drove up to Los Angeles. I wanted to get ahead of the holiday traffic but was expected at my daughter’s home on Wednesday afternoon. I booked into the Sportsmen’s Lodge in Studio City for one night and did some shopping at Fashion Square in Sherman Oaks. It was a lovely break from trying to sell the house and keep it clean and tidy for showings.

Thanksgiving 014

Thanksgiving 013


Had a great dinner, and the following morning, breakfast with Bogie. *grin* After breakfast I took a walk through the grounds at the lodge. There are some very pretty spots, and I loved how the sun dappled the trees.


Thanksgiving 021

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When I arrived at the mall there was an open car space right in front. Hardly anyone was in the stores. I knew it would be that way. I hate crowds. I’d rather pay more for items than deal with all of the nonsense of Black Friday and the post-holiday weekend. On my way to my daughter’s home there was a text. I pulled over. “When are you arriving?” she asked. “On my way,” I replied. My break was officially over.

We spenThanksgiving 046t the afternoon at Costco, Gelsons, and Trader Joe’s. My daughter works full time and is going to Uni for her Masters, so she’d had no time to shop. Surprisingly, we got a good park at all three places and the crowds were not bad. The next morning bright and early we began the prep work for dinner, fortunately I’d bought a fresh turkey. There were only four of us, my daughter, her guy, my son, and Butler the dog.Thanksgiving 077

Even with this small of a group it still required the same amount of work. Creating a feast is hard work, but everything was so delicious, and the table lovely. I forgot to take photos. After cleaning the kitchen, we watched a pre-recorded football game then I went to bed around eleven, woke at seven and was on the road by eight. Again I got ahead of the traffic and was home in just over two hours. All in all, it was a very easy trip, and almost all of my holiday shopping is done.

What about you? How did you choose to spend the weekend? Did you write? Did you eat too much? Did you travel? Any disasters like lumpy gravy, or leaving the rolls in the oven, or burning the pie?

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6 Responses to Breakfast with Bogie

  1. Janie Emaus says:

    I wrote. I slept. I ate. I drank. I walked. I laughed. I loved.

    Happy Holidays!

  2. I didn’t cook, so no disasters until Saturday when daughter and SIL and granddaughter came over and I undercooked the tri-tip. Easy fix, popped it back in the oven for another ten minutes.

    We had a very quiet Thanksgiving Bill and I, and it was kind of nice. Sounds like you had a great time, and I remember the Sportsman’s lodge very well, Cute little place.

    • robena grant says:

      Glad you had a nice peaceful time, Lynne. We had one tiny disaster where Joffrey was also going to prepare duck, however it was still too frozen. I’d bought a fresh, bone in, turkey breast from Gelsons the day before and it was perfect for us. The duck would have been too much. I told him to keep defrosting it and rotisserie it on Saturday. 🙂

  3. What a nice story. I enjoyed reading about your Thanksgiving. We went to San Diego and had a nice time with our son and his new wife. We stayed at the Hyatt La Jolla, which I like. The kids made dinner and I enjoyed doing nothing but take photos! I paid for it later when we drove home on Saturday. Oh boy did we crawl all the way up interstate 5. I think we will arrange to celebrate with them on a different day next year! Plus I didn’t do my shopping yet so I’ll be with crowds. Oh well! Actually I do most of it online, so no problem.

    • robena grant says:

      Glad you got to enjoy time with the kids, Nicci. I know what you mean about the return trip. I got extremely lucky. But I did see your wonderful photos on FB. You are so talented. 🙂