My Chosen Word for 2016

Every New Year’s Eve I choose a word to represent the coming year. Move is my word for 2016. It’s a great word for me as it means move to a new location, as well as to move my body. My plan is to lose some weight and take the stress off my cranky knees, and that requires physically moving my body more…and eating less if I’m to be honest. Maybe that last example is more about moving the hand to mouth with less frequency. Some time ago I’d written a blog post that featured my favorite video about moving. I can’t resist doing a repeat:

Do you have a word chosen that will motivate you to improve your new year? Do you prefer to write out your goals and then check in on those throughout the year, and stick to them? I do write down some writing goals, so I can keep track of what I’m doing, and I always check off what I’ve accomplished. Plus, if I record the dates of certain events it is a way to jog my memory. My poor old brain forgets a lot these days, so documentation does help in that regard. Maybe in some small way it also keeps me motivated, although I tend to update that file only on completion, I seldom look at it for any other reason.

So, 2016, yay! On the first of the month I put out my thoughts to the universe, and on the second day of the month received an offer on the house. It has been on the market since late July. Fingers crossed this one will go through, although I do understand the offer is only the first step. Let us hope funding is in order, and that the inspection passes. It would be lovely to look forward to being settled in my new locale by spring.

IMG_1222On another upbeat note, my new novel, Bachelor Island, has a February 12, 2016 release date, and also at New Year it went live for pre-order. On Saturday, I sat on the couch and made 50 bookmarks more attractive by threading turquoise beads to represent Hawaii’s gorgeous water, and then some with little cowboy boots to represent Wyatt’s home state of Texas, plus a few with hearts and gold beads.

I remember when Saturday night was date night. Ha ha. Ah well, me and my cowboy had fun.

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3 Responses to My Chosen Word for 2016

  1. I like your word for the year. And I love that song and King Julian. Hope you have a great 2016!

  2. robena grant says:

    Thanks, Judy. And a happy 2016 to you too. You didn’t tell me your chosen word. 😉