Giveaways and More Giveaways

Wow! Well, this week certainly turned into something else. I’d originally agreed to a blog post over at  for Thursday, March 3rd, and figured that was my only big commitment. I’m giving away a copy of Bachelor Island, so if you catch this early enough and want a chance, pop on over.  The earlier part of my week was taken up with lost documents related to the potential sale of my house, and a scrabbling on my part to find the documents in boxes already packed so we could get everything back into the data base. Sigh. A few lost days there.

You know what? It isn’t even Mercury retrograde, so I have no clue what is going on. Ha ha. I’d originally booked a review tour with an online company, and I thought it was supposed to start this week. When I contacted them I got a big surprise. Unfortunately, I had overlooked paying them in late December, so it was never put into the line-up. With any luck (now that they have payment) it will air in the next month. Bachelor Island is also now on Net Galley and will be available for the month of March. So if you want a free book to review, then Net Galley is your pal.


I had tried to do a Goodreads Giveaway last week and it had problems. Apparently their site did not recognize my ISBN. I thought that was a done deal, and figured I’d try again in a few weeks. Then I had a reply to my message for help and soon found that Wednesday 3rd, at midnight, my giveaway would kick off. I’m offering two print copies of Bachelor Island.  I’ve included US, Canada, UK and Australia. Sorry to readers in all other countries, but I’ll include everyone in the next giveaway. This giveaway ends on Friday, March 11th.

As if that wasn’t enough to fill my week, Amazon contacted me about Unlock the Truth. They had acquired the rights to this book back in September. They’re doing a promotional starting tomorrow, March 4th, and ending on April 4th. The book will be part of their 99 books for 99cents each. It’s already listed on my home page but to check out the other books in the line-up go here:


This should be fun, and I look forward to seeing how much of an impact this mega-machine has on the sale of books.

So, I guess my philosophy is, take nothing for granted in life. Things can change on the toss of a dime. Always stay flexible, move forward, and never forget to keep putting words on the page if you’re an author. Put paint on the canvas if art is your thing, put in a good day on the job, whatever it is that you do, keep on doing it well. And on that note, I owe my critique partner a chapter, so I’d better get to work.


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