Bits and Pieces

This has been an awfully tiring beginning to the year. I’ve had my house on the market for months with many ups and downs. In escrow. Out of escrow. All so stressful and time consuming. I hate having to keep the house and yard looking like nobody lives here, but that’s part of the battle in trying to sell a house.

Whenever things got too intense, I’d retreat into reading. I’ve done that all of my life. I adore books and being able to completely immerse myself in the story world. I finally figured out one day that my latest novel was languishing in the world of the rough draft. It seemed I’d write one day then lose three days on house stuff. My heart wasn’t really in it. Then when the last escrow fell out I got good and mad. With that anger I hit the keyboard pounding out thousands of words a day. I’d totally lose myself, forgetting to eat or drink, and finally when I’d raise my head I’d think, “How did it get to be 6pm?” This happened, day after day until the rough draft was finished.

This one is my English story, a mainstream romance with a mystery thread that spans three generations of women in the same family. It is now in simmer mode. It’s always a good idea to step away when you finish the rough draft and see what floats to the surface. You find your theme there. Then you can go back in and rewrite. Tweak that theme. Tweak the character arcs. Intensify the turning points.

I love the rewrite stage.

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