Another Aussie Trip

It has been quiet over here, because I did a quick trip home to Australia. My mother broke her arm and it was hard at her age to deal with it being in a cast. I went to see her primarily to help with cooking, and to keep her company. My brother is with her during the evenings, but I figured dealing with the frustrations of only being able to use one arm would make those daytime hours seem so much longer.

We sat around having cups of tea, and talking. And talking. And talking. It was lovely. Mum doesn’t have a computer so there was only sporadic email checking when my sister had her hotspot available. Lovely to go off grid for a few weeks. I feel rejuvenated. 🙂

On the writing side, I did submit my English story before leaving. I’ll know the results of that submission in a few weeks. I’m not certain the editor will like my title, but it made sense to me. Fingers crossed she will like the story. I can live with a change of title.



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