New Book Release Date and Cover Reveal!

Here it is kids…what do you think? Release date is December 12, 2016. I’m so excited!


This is book #1 in my English Village Series. A contemporary romance with a mystery thread, it is set in Herefordshire in England, in a ficitional village on the Black and White Village Trail. Here is the blurb:

American, Naomi Paverman, finds clues to her heritage when her grandmother passes. Realizing her existence is based on many lies, she yearns for connection and one safe place to call home. She rents a cottage in an English village to search for her biological father. What she discovers is resistance to questions, but she befriends an attractive and interesting local man…could he be related?

Oliver York is stirred to uncover family history he’s long ignored. Five years earlier, he inherited York Manor in Oldcastle. Oliver maintains an element of privacy to protect himself and his invalid sister from gossip. His interest in Naomi, and the secrets she reveals, causes him to come out of seclusion. Secrets threaten to expose admired citizens.

As their romance blossoms, someone attempts to run Naomi out of town. Is history repeating itself?

I had so much fun writing this one. Hope you enjoy it! I’ll announce when it’s available for pre-order.

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  1. Carol B. Grosser says:

    Ready to read SAFE PLACE right now!