Catching Up

I don’t know about you, but this past Holiday season left me exhausted. 2016 was a tough, edge-of-the-seat year for me. It seemed everything I believed in, or believed to be true, was challenged. I’m raising a glass to 2017 and taking a sip: Here is to a better year for all of us.

Meanwhile, my January is off to a good start. Last week I signed the contract for One Truth Revealed, which is book #2 in the English Village series, and my ninth novel to be published with The Wild Rose Press. Hard to believe, and makes me wonder where the past four years have gone, the time has gone by so fast.

Yesterday, I sent back the information sheet to the publisher. This includes a chosen excerpt, a book blurb, a tag line, an author biography, and my vision of what the cover would focus on. Of course, all of that will be reviewed and tweaked by the appropriate committees, and I look forward to seeing what they suggest. I think I’m in the ballpark, but one never knows for sure.

How were your holidays? What are you looking forward to this year?

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