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Yay! One Truth Revealed (book#2 English Village series) is now available for pre-order at Amazon:

Here is the blurb:

At thirty-five-years of age, and with pressure from her adoptive mother, Lina Bright is ten days away from undergoing Artificial Insemination in London. She doesn’t need a husband. She travels to Oldcastle to meet her biological mother, a spinster who runs a village teashop. To keep her mother’s secret, but determine her father’s identity, she creates the cover of scouting for property to start a new school.

A bachelor at forty, Drew Compton is an English Professor in Oxford. Diagnosed with “poor swimmers” his fiancée left him. He plans to live out his life alone, with his books. Disliking his mother’s secrets and controlling ways, he seldom returns to Oldcastle. But a chance meeting has him intrigued. Who is this chic Londoner?

As Lina’s plans for a school become a reality, romance blossoms, but roadblocks ensue. Will Lina and Drew trust in each other to overcome the difficulties and create a future together?

A tale of secrets and fears, love lost and found, One Truth Revealed, weaves a compelling web of intrigue and deception.

Here is an excerpt:

“Thank you for breakfast.”Lina stood, shivered, already feeling the loss of his departure. She pulled on her coat and stuck her gloves in the pocket. “Lovely to talk with you. I hope to see you around the village. My shout next time.”
“Yes, well, the meeting…who knows how long that will last?” He looked worried, and a bit gloomy for a moment. “I may pop into the pub tonight, time permitting.” He smiled then, and his blue eyes twinkled. “You can buy me a beer.”
That sounded promising. Her gaze dropped to his mouth. She’d love to taste those lips. Feel the heat that
emanated from him up close and personal. “I’ll look out for you.” Lina extended her hand. Better to leave this
unexpected meeting casual, friendly. As much as her body tingled, anticipating what a kiss would be like, she
had to remember she was about to be impregnated with some other stranger’s sperm.
They shook hands and the same initial surge of electricity was there, but the longer they held hands a
sturdy warmth took over and that sent a spiral of hungry longing through her body. Normally men in her life
were there for short periods. They’d both know what they were getting into from the very beginning. Nothing
serious. No surprises. Love and romance were for the weak. It surprised her that she liked a lot of things about
this man, and felt familiar with him already. She even cared about that worried look that had crossed his face
again at the mention of the meeting. She’d have made a move, even knowing it would be short-lived, if the timing had been better. She released his hand. Let him go with no promises. If they were destined to meet again, then they would.

And for my readers, leave a comment if you would like to participate: I’d love to gift you a PDF or Mobi copy, and in exchange I’d appreciate an Amazon review. This will help me in obtaining a BookBub review after it is released. Thank you so much. And if you do give it a review, please state that you received an ARC (an advanced reader copy) in that review or it might not post. Thank you again.

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