Summer Days.

I did a week of house-sitting for my daughter, while she went to party it up in Cabo. I floated around in her salt water pool, on a giant flamingo float, and enjoyed feeling like a kid.

It was also a great time to think about the direction of my next book. Should it be a stand alone, a series, a contemporary with a mystery thread, or an all out paranormal? Hmm. I know the setting will be in Australia. I have one story I’m currently rewriting, and I’ve sketched out two more. But there is a fourth, unrelated book, that keeps gnawing at my brain. The setting for that one is in Darwin, in the Northern Territory, while the other three are set in the countryside of New South Wales. How to connect them? Or maybe don’t connect them? Decisions, decisions. 🙂

Time to visit my favorite restaurant and vineyard again. Briar Ridge, in Mount View, is a lovely little place, and with delicious food and wine. Perhaps I’ll head on home in the fall, have a few adventures, and see where all of these questions lead. It’s time to visit with my mother and the family, anyway. Good to combine all things.

On another note, the third book in the English Village series, One Unforgettable Friday, (and possibly the last in the series) has been contracted with the Wild Rose Press. I adore working with them and look forward to the input from my editor, Cindy Davis. I’m also excited to see what the cover artist, Tara Lynn Stout, will create.

Hope your summer days are still gorgeous, but even here in California I can feel summer winding down a little.

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