The United States has experienced unusual weather patterns in many states. None as horrific as in Texas, with Hurricane Harvey. Unbelievable, relentless rain, and massive flooding. My heart goes out, not only to friends who live in Texas, and the RWA office, but to everyone impacted by this freak of nature. They are now calling it a 1,000 year flood. I believe that.

A few years back I had an experience (on a much smaller scale) when I lived in the California desert. Of course it was zoned as a non-flood zone, therefore I had no flood insurance. The same has happened in Texas. Many homeowners were not covered for the damages incurred, and while FEMA will give some assistance, it won’t cover all losses. We have to reach out, and help our neighbors. I did. I hope you will too.

This week California experienced strange weather patterns. Monsoonal winds and pop-up thunderstorms. Lightning strikes along the beach areas, forcing evacuations of beach goers. Humidity so high it was nauseating. Temperatures hovering around 110 degrees in the valley for days on end. As I said to one friend, it’s like wading through molasses. Then to top that off, fires in the mountains that flank Burbank, Sunland, Glendale, etc. ash and smoke felt for miles. Those fires caused freeway shutdowns, on one of the most heavily trafficked long weekends too. Another disaster, sitting in long freeway lines in such heat. While there have been several homes lost in the fires, I believe there has been no loss of life. Thank heavens for that.

Global warming, anyone? We have to stop denying, take a closer look, and put into effect measures to help reduce the destruction to our planet. Surely, if we all did one or two small things toward effecting change it would help. I know the onus lies on our government, those in power to effect large scale change, but surely, couldn’t we all do some things at the base level? Think about it.

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