Copy Edits

I received first round copy edits for One Unforgettable Friday, yesterday. The first round is about content issues, then there’ll be a line edit, and another look before I sign off on the galley copy.

I love working with Cindy Davis, and I always agree with everything she suggests. She has a fine eye for detail. There are times during the re-read of my work where I hesitate or stumble over something and there is a tiny whisper inside of me that says this is on the nose, or something isn’t quite right. If I ignore that fleeting sensation, or perhaps am too in love with my own words, my editor will always comment on that section. Ha ha. Happens every time.

Anyway, I’m thrilled to be putting the spit and polish on this manuscript for you. It will be the final book in the English Village series. I hope you’ll like it. Next up, I’ll be sharing the cover release, and can’t wait to see what Tina Lynn Stout has in store for that. She’s another talented lady. Have I mentioned how much I love working with Wild Rose Press?

Until next time, take care, and enjoy the last days of summer.

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