Grief and Healing

Grief. How do you handle it? When traumatic events occur in the world, how do you keep your sanity, your grasp on what is good on this earth, and continue to enjoy life knowing others have passed, suffered, or still suffer? You make a donation. You say a prayer. You shed tears. But is it enough? September, and so far in October, there have been so many horrible happenings around the world, that for most of us our heads are still spinning. One almost stops listening to the news each morning for fear something else equally as dreadful has happened. But that isn’t the answer, because we must always stay connected and aware of our surroundings.

I tend to withdraw from the world. I read, a lot. That isn’t the answer either. However, it is a necessary part of my healing. The television stays off, except for maybe a favorite show on the BBC. I read stories of love, hope, and friendship. I give thanks that authors pen romances, and that I can include myself in that group. To bring someone enjoyment and comfort in a time of need is why I choose to write romance. This week, Arabella, by Georgette Heyer, and For the Roses, by Julie Garwood, have brought me peace and trust that despite tragedy, we will find our way back.

Now I’m heading off to make another donation, and to see who I need to call, or email, or text, to get these ridiculous gun laws changed. Too many lives have been cut short. Too much blood has been shed. It has to stop. I hope you’ll join with me in taking action.


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