Gabanzo Beans and Other Yummy Stuff

Like Joey, from the sitcom Friends, would say, “How you doin’?” And then he’d raise his eyebrows and give you his sexy stare. Except for me it was never sexy, more comical than anything…but that’s me. Your mileage may vary.

Anyway, it has been a week since we all discussed our resolutions, plans, intentions, dreams, wishes….whatever we decided to name them. So I’m checking in, checking up. I hope that you are still on the straight and narrow, have taken no side paths, seen no new and shiny things to distract you. Me? Oh, I’ve had my head down tapping out another novel.

I had wisely stated that I would not write down any resolutions this year; however, I would make some flexible plans. They’d be kind of like Joey’s Thanksgiving pants. An elastic waistband, is there any other kind? There’d be lots of room to accommodate extra food, cover injuries incurred from excessive exercise, inflated goals, or numerous side paths. They’d keep me warm during these winter months, and they’d provide comfort.

So far my plans have been to continue with the diet and exercise routine of last year but to bump up the exercise a notch with more cardio. It’s working. I feel full of energy. No injuries yet. Today I got a compliment. No need for the stretchy pants. That’s always good, right?

The second plan involves my writing. I decided to believe in myself. No more straddling the fence. No more shooting myself in the foot. No more self-sabotage. I have a gazillion or three manuscripts written, and hell, some of them have even been revised and rewritten. They’ve been gathering dust, or taking up space on the zip drive. It’s time to let them see the light of day. Will they sink or swim? It’s anybody’s guess.

So the plan goes something like this: Research e-Publishers. Check. Submit at least one manuscript per week. Check. I’m scared, where are my stretchy pants? If there are no concrete offers by the spring of 2012, I’ll self e-publish after hiring a freelance editor and graphic artist. Now that could become expensive. Thank goodness for loopholes…ah, I mean flexibility. My own computer skills are sketchy. Attempting Smashwords on my own might mean a smashed computer. The thought makes me nervous. I pull on my pants and put Mama Mia into the machine (it’s for research) pour a Blackstone Pinot Noir, and grab a bowl of freshly roasted cinnamon garbanzo beans.

For those who asked for the recipe of the low calorie snack with the high fiber content: Heat the oven to 250 degrees. Open one can of garbanzo beans, rinse well, and dry with paper towel. In a medium bowl throw in one tablespoon of olive oil, a good few of shakes of cinnamon, one packet of Splenda (or the brown sugar if you have it) and then toss the beans in and coat well. Place on a cookie tray covered with wax paper. Shake the tray to toss the beans every ten minutes. Taste. If not crunchy enough leave in longer. I like them at 30 mins when they aren’t real crunchy but have that almost creamy inside texture.

If you prefer savory, make them with Mrs. Dash extra spicy, or a garlic pepper blend.

Enough talk about food. How you doin’?


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14 Responses to Gabanzo Beans and Other Yummy Stuff

  1. Marge says:

    That snack sounds terrific and easy- who could ask for me. Take the big leap and publish those books. You never know what can happen, but you can be assured nothing will if you don’t give it a try.

  2. Robena Grant says:

    Wise words from a wise woman. : ) Thanks, Marge. I sense I’m getting closer to taking action.

  3. Robena!
    I only just finished my morning coffee, and I’m already looking forward to trying your garbonzo recipie! Sounds great.

    Well – I have definitely wagged more (waved) but I’m afraid I’ve fallen down on the bark less side. You see, I had to go into stores and deal with exchanges and, well, customer service is a thing of the past. My poor husband had to hear all my gripes about customer service at my local Best Buy.

    I’ll do better boss, I promise!

    I like your plans for your writing. Good luck, and I’m sure you’ll keep us blog readers posted.

    • Robena Grant says:

      Just think of that barking as a seasonal thing, Lynne. Frustrating times. Let it go, and go enjoy the sunshine. : )

      Hope you like the beans. I think they’re an acquired taste and you have to play with them a bit. Make sure they’re really dry before you put in the olive oil and adjust that too for the crispiness factor.

  4. Monica Stecher Braless Betty says:

    Those beans look tasty!

    Good luck with the manuscripts Robena! Knock’m dead!

  5. Donna says:

    Those beans sound better than movie popcorn!!

  6. Maria says:

    The garbanzo beans sound delicious! Yummy. Of course that might be because I am HUNGRY, too. Need to eat breakfast. As for my goals, sort of a ho-hum result so far.

  7. Robena Grant says:

    I’m not sure I could do GB’s for breakfast, Maria. ; )
    However I did have a handful with my afternoon snack of hummus and rice crackers. It was a yummy combination.

  8. I’m doing good. It’s the tenth & I still haven’t decided on a resolution. Hope that’s not indicative of my year.

  9. Robena Grant says:

    I think that’s awesome, Judy. Maybe you don’t need one. : )

  10. Kate George says:

    Good for you Robena! Get those manuscripts out there. And just in case you didn’t know Lani does has an editing and cover art, and just about everything else over at Storywonk, in case you end up going it on your own. (I didn’t know until November last year so I’m passing it on just in case.) Either way I know those books are going to be great!

  11. Robena says:

    Thanks, Kate. Love your positive attitude about my work. I’m trying to be that way too. Hah. Yep, I knew about Lani’s work. I’m putting together a list of services available from several author friends. We shall see what 2012 brings.