Feelin’ Lucky

See, I knew I’d get you over here with that title. And no, I do not know anyone named Lucky, and there wasn’t even one of the seven dwarfs named that.

Now, back to the discussion on luck; do you feel lucky? Do you see yourself as a lucky person? What is luck anyway?

*Deepak Chopra, who is my modern day hero—because he explains things like quantum physics, the human body/mind connection, the connection in all of us to the soul, and in language even I can understand—explains luck as preparedness meeting opportunity. I get that, especially when it comes to something like interviewing for a new position, taking an exam, entering a contest, or running a race.

But what about good old ordinary everyday luck, like finding a parking spot? Or a $20 note in your overcoat pocket? Or buying a winning lottery ticket? Or winning a door prize at an event? Is that sheer luck, being in the right place at the right time. Or is it again preparedness meets opportunity, an inner awareness combined with energy? If you hadn’t gone to the writers’ conference you wouldn’t have received a ticket and won the books. If you hadn’t bought that Lotto ticket, you couldn’t have won. However, if as you bought it, or entered the convention room, you said, “Oh, good. I could win this,” then you are present and aware, in the conscious moment, you are open and inviting luck to enter. You aren’t demanding, begging, hoping, or wishing for it, you are just aware that you could win.

I’d never imagined myself as a “lucky” person when it came to winning things. I thought I was lucky in a million other ways though, and never seemed to get envious when someone else won. I’d say things like, “Yay! You!” or “Lucky Duck!” or “I never win stuff.” Then I’d go about my business and forget all about luck until another occasion to win arose.

Last September little things started to happen in my life. Maybe I was just becoming aware of moments of luck. Or, I was practicing being in the conscious moment. They were all small wins. No big lotto winnings, although I won $11 one time and $8 another. : ) No use of special numbers, just quick picks that required nothing but handing over a couple of dollars after I filled my car with gas.

Then I found a $100 bill I’d forgotten that I’d put away for emergencies. Then I won a bunch of books because I’d posted on a writer’s blog. Then I won an M&M’s mug at LARA, then I won another book, then this month I won a lovely necklace from posting on an interview that Melissa Jarvis gave at BookBoost: http://thebookboost.blogspot.com.  Melissa is a friend and said she couldn’t believe they pulled my name.

Here is a photo of the necklace:                                                          



It’s a fossil from the Paleozoic era, which makes it more than 250 million years old. So, you know, it suits an old duck like me. The funny thing is, it’s dark and light gray, and matches my most favorite skirt. It has silver backing and is threaded on a red silk cord. I love it. If I want I can slip it off and put it on one of my heavy silver chains. But like this, I think it’s sexy. Thank you so much, Melissa.

So, for almost six months I’ve been noticing these little changes in my luck. Is it because I’m open to luck? Is it because I’m tickled pink just to win $8 on a lotto ticket? I’m not sure what Deepak Chopra would have to say about it, but I’m almost certain he would tell me that because I believe in my luck the universe is providing.

What about you? Are you lucky?

*Author of many books, but some of my favorites: The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, Ageless Body, Timeless Mind, The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire, and Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul.

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18 Responses to Feelin’ Lucky

  1. kirsty grant says:

    I think everyone is lucky in one way or another, sometimes you just don’t think about it enough to realise that you are 🙂

    • Robena Grant says:

      Kirsty!!!!! Thanks for stopping by. I guess the little one is sleeping. It’s about the only time new mom’s get to play on the internet. How’s the weather down there?

  2. Ever since I found writing–I have had more positive coincidences than anyone could explain as ‘normal’. When you find your passion I think you attract positive people and happenings into your life. Joy breeds joy so it makes sense that opportunity meeting preparedness multiplies more of the same. I think your time has come, Roben. 🙂

    Christine London

  3. Hi Robena!

    I occasionally get lucky. I was on the game show Super Password many years ago and won almost $13,000…with seconds to spare before time ran out!

    Then another time, I was in Las Vegas and playing slot machines. I won $1500 on a Wheel of Fortune machine (my biggest win ever) and after collecting my jackpot I was so stunned I wandered around the casino and put a $20 dollar bill in a random machine and pulled the handle and won another $1000! I couldn’t believe it!

    Those are my ‘big’ lucky streaks involving money.

    As a cop, I was lucky more times that I’d like to say. Situations that could have gone so horribly wrong and didn’t.

    I’d never considered myself a lucky person, but now, after reading your blog and actually thinking about it, I don’t do too badly in the luck department.

    • Robena Grant says:

      Oh, my. That is fabulous, Kathy. Yes, I’d say you have a terrific energy that draws things to you. However, being an ex-cop would require a preparedness mode that I’m sure you’d never forget. Even on retirement. The only time I was lucky with gambling was when a guy handed me about a hundred dollars in chips. (And then followed me around all night.) Never take chips from a stranger. : )

  4. Robena, I firmly believe that we draw to ourselves that which we focus on. If we focus on being “not lucky”, or being ill, or being constantly out of money, then guess what? We will draw those things to us. But – if we focus on abundance in our life, on being – as you said – open to the possibilities, on being ready for a success that we know is ours – that’s when the universe starts moving in our direction and handing us the positives.

    Now – while I believe it, and have observed it happen in my life, I am also not very good at keeping that positive focus mainly because I’m not conditioned to keeping a positive focus when it comes to me myself and I. (Its much easier to do for everyone else, yes?!)

    I’m an Abraham-Hicks follower – just not as closely as I know I should, but the desire is there. And I agree with Christine – when you put your focus on a passion, the world starts to turn and coincidences help you along the way.

    Great topic, as usual!

    • Robena Grant says:

      Thanks, Christine. I agree wholeheartedly with what you’ve said, but like you, I’m better at recognizing and promoting those things in others. At the moment I’m reading Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul. I have what I think might be some interesting comments about energy and making changes that I think I’ll blog about in a week or so, over at the BettyVerse. It’s really interesting stuff to consider.

  5. Hi Robena –
    Congratulations on your lucky streak! May it continue. My mother always won stuff – it made her very happy. Me, not so much. But I don’t try to win stuff. I don’t buy lottery tickets etc. I’m very content with other people winning and me cheering them on – so YAY for you. I do like the explanation of preparedness meeting opportunity. This makes perfect sense to me.

  6. Hi, Robena! I’ve been feeling very lucky lately! 😀

    I think luck comes and goes, but there’s something good about every day if you just look for it. I hope you lucky streak keeps going!

  7. Julie says:

    Deepok Chopra is one of my faves, but I haven’t read anything of his in years. This is a great reminder, thanks!

    I am going to focus more on being open to winning and receiving now. “Lucky” is not something I’ve considered much. I adore your writing (and you, obvs). Plus, I have to say, that picture of you wearing your prize is just lovely.

  8. Robena Grant says:

    Hey, Jules. I should have known you’d love Chopra’s work. The DC book I’m reading Reinventing the Body etc. I found on the sale table at B&N. I got it for $5.98. It was pubbed in 2009. I think that in itself was a stroke of luck. : )

  9. Maria says:

    I think that luck is being aware of the good. I am lucky when I avoid an accident, but how many people start screaming at the car in front of them and blaming that driver for “almost” causing an accident? I think we define our own luck by what we focus on and what we label it. We decide how we see the world even when we are not aware of it. For example, I had a car broken into when I lived in San Diego and the people stole the air bag from the driver’s side. I felt so lucky that I had insurance that would cover this and it also provided a rental car so I didn’t have to worry about getting to work. The loss itself might not have been lucky, but perhaps it was good luck that it happened to me when I had those things and it didn’t happen to a single mother with no resources? Sometimes luck isn’t about you as an individual, but about the you in general that shares time and space with other yous.

    Anyway, I do think that if you focus every day on things that you are grateful for then whether or not it brings more of those things into your life is moot. After all you are seeing your blessings rather than your lacks.

    I hope that all makes sense. Great post and thank you for making me think on this. I definitely needed the reminder today.

    • Robena Grant says:

      Yes, Maria, definitely. I think by being grateful and voicing that gratefulness we draw a certain energy to us, which may be called luck, good fortune, positivity, whatever. I liked your comment on how we define our luck by what we focus on, and what we name it.

  10. Hi Robena! I’m not feeling particularly but I’m hoping some of your magic dust will rub off on me! A little luck wouldn’t hurt, that’s for sure!

  11. Robena Grant says:

    Hi, Becke! Glad you dropped by. I will happily sprinkle some of my pixie dust on the front walk and then blow it toward your home. Don’t forget to use the opportunity for luck on Monday, for Chinese New Year. I posted some things to do, and not do, to increase luck on FB today. : )