Bubble and Squeak

I know, I know. For many of you, Bubble and Squeak would be the names of a toddler’s bathtub toys. But stick around, because for those of you who don’t know, it’s food.

Bubble and Squeak is a traditional English dish that one—if one is being a true Brit—eats for breakfast. When I was a kid it was always made from the left over vegetables from Sunday’s roast dinner…or as we Aussies call it…a baked dinner, and often left over meat was included. These days it’s usually a vegetarian dish. Don’t restrict it to breakfast either. It’s scrumptious with an omelette, (note my French spelling) or scrambled eggs at dinnertime.

The dish is mostly left over potato and cabbage, but seriously, toss in any cooked vege you have on hand…peas, carrots, it’s all good. Serve it as a side dish alongside your bacon, eggs, sausage and grilled tomato. Yum!

Now, you may be wondering where I’m going with this post. Trust me. There is a point here. And it’s, um…oh yeah…my daughter sent me one of those chain letters. I hate them. My writer buddies would string me up from the nearest tree if I ever sent one to them. So I apologized and said that I didn’t know twenty people who would accept a chain letter. She responded that I should send it to the first person on the list and forget about sending to twenty friends. I figured what could it hurt? But I was inundated with work, and had a huge sinus headache from the high winds, and I’m not that great of a cook at the best of times, and….                                                           

Anna is a good daughter. I had to do it. The letter asked for a quick recipe. Not one from a book, but one that is in your head; a good old standby that you can type up without thinking too much about it. The request came from working women. A lot of them are single. They wanted ideas for nourishing food that was also yummy and didn’t require a lot of fancy ingredients.

Here was mine: Take two shallow frying pans, put olive oil in one, and spray oil or a little butter in the other. Wash but don’t peel two small sweet potatoes. Chop a spring onion, and crush or chop some garlic, toss into the oil and brown, add either spicy Mrs. Dash, or black ground pepper.

Put the sweet potatoes in the microwave for about three minutes. So they are cooked, but still firm. Pour Egg Scramblers into the buttered pan, add cheese, turkey or ham, or veges to your liking. Cut the potatoes into rounds toss them into the onion and oil mix, and fry. They’ll turn crispy and black around the edges but stay soft and sweet in the center.

Fold your omelette. Toss the potatoes onto a plate, add the omelette, and if you’re especially hungry, a couple of pieces of toast or a bagel. Make a cup of your favorite tea, and you’re good to go. A perfect meal for eating in front of your favorite show, with your feet up on the ottoman, and the cat or dog at your side awaiting tidbits. I know, no eating in front of the TV. But hey, this is a comfort meal. It’s allowed.

After sending off the letter, I thought how much like Bubble and Squeak my recipe is. You could use a big potato and eat half one night with a piece of chicken and some other veges. The next night you use the remainder to make Roben’s sweet and spicy fried sweet potatoes. It isn’t sweet potato fries, or hash browns, more like home fries, and it isn’t even all that fattening. Really, think about it.

And hey, no squeak, no bubbles, because there’s no cabbage…it’s a win-win.

Guess what I’m having for dinner tonight?

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17 Responses to Bubble and Squeak

  1. That sounds really good, although I don’t like eggs and would probably use tofu scramble and I do love cabbage so it would have to go in. Yum.
    Guess what Judy might have for lunch or supper soon.

  2. Now you’ve gone and made me hungry! And here I was thinking you were going to break some great news for your devoted blog readers with a glass of bubble and a squeak from you!

    Gonna seriously try that sweet potato fry dealie. Thanks!

    • Robena says:

      Ha ha. I didn’t think of that. No believe me if there is ever THAT kind of news it will be champagne and caviar.

  3. I haven’t had breakfast yet, and this sounds delicious! Hmm…I may have bubble and squeak.

    Oh, and thanks for not sending the chain letter 🙂

  4. Maria says:

    Yumm! This recipe sounds like a must try one night. Cannot wait to take on Roben’s no bubble or squeak take on the classic.

  5. Robena Grant says:

    I love it. But then again I’m a sweet potato freak. : )

  6. Nan says:

    Wow–I’m in for Roben’s version of Bubble & Squeak. I love eggs and I love sweet potatoes and I’ve got a couple of small ones here that need to be used. Sounds like tonight’s supper!
    Let me add my thanks for not passing on the recipe chain letter–you’re a good woman!

  7. Robena Grant says:

    Hi, Nan. Great to see you here. Yep, those sweet potatoes are good for women. Bet you’re getting excited. Only one week until your book is out!!!! Yay!

  8. Love that name! And it’s right up my alley. Sounds much better (and healthier) than the gazillion girl scout cookies I just ate!

  9. Janie Emaus says:

    That actually sounds pretty good.

  10. Robena Grant says:

    …and easy peasy. : 0

  11. Dee J. says:

    Okay, I’m late to the cooking party. My bad.
    I love the name of it, but I’m so not a cook. My mind kind of glazed over when you started with the directions. Pitiful, I am. Absolutely pitiful. But the picture looked delicious! Maybe I’ll eat that.

  12. Robena Grant says:

    Well, you’re tardiness is excused Dee J. You have a book release this week. : ) Believe me I am no chef. I’m into recipes for the single gal.
    Anyway…loving reading Danger Zone. Another masterpiece by Dee J. Adams.

  13. londonmabel says:

    I always wondered what b&s was!