Boogie Fever

Do you remember the song Boogie Fever, recorded by the Sylvers back in 1975? Nope. Weren’t even born then? Quit bragging. Well, anyway, it’s a great fun song and it was the first thing that popped into my head when someone mentioned Golden Heart fever. Today I’m sharing my prior GH results and my path to finally making it as a finalist. If you want to know about the ten years it took to get this far, come on over for a chat today, I’ll be at the Ruby Slippered Sisterhood. Don’t want to talk GH stuff? Come on over for the song. There’s a great video from the old show Soul Train. It makes me smile and dance in my seat.

Here’s the link:



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6 Responses to Boogie Fever

  1. Julie says:

    The link was slightly off, but it got me most of the way there. I figured out the rest. 😉

  2. Robena Grant says:

    Thanks, Julie. Someone from the sisterhood also noticed it and provided a new link. Hope all is going well with you.

  3. inkgrrl says:

    WOOHOO again for GH!!

    Now I’ve got Boogie Fever stuck as an earworm. There are worse earworms to have.

    • Robena Grant says:

      Exactly. Every time I say the words I do a little dance in my chair. Hey, it’s good exercise, and I do have a gown I have to fit into. ; ) Thanks for the congrats! Again.

  4. Delia says:

    Ohmygodiva, now I’m going to have that song stuck in my head all day!

  5. Robena Grant says:

    Delia, that made me laugh. Yep, every time I commented on the Sisterhood blog yesterday, I was tempted to listen to the video. ; )